#SexiestSummerEver With The Lyon’s Brothers ( BONUS )

tumblr_noeryvy6Ez1unxfwao1_500well today is the 15th of may.
you know what day that is?
well it is the 6 year anniversary of “insidejamarifox”.
6 years you have put up with my crazy ass.
i love you.
i love you.
i looooooovvvvvedddd-ed you.
its also “the lyons brothers” essence issues rolls onto newsstands.
remember i spoke about it ( x HERE ).
well an f-bi sent me some visuals from the article w/ video…

here i cum!

tumblr_inline_mhwq4mVi8U1rdcplosorry for being so late!
i’m ready for my private shots.
…wait no private shots?
anyway i got a chance to read the articles and they were pretty good.
check them out as soon you can!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “#SexiestSummerEver With The Lyon’s Brothers ( BONUS )”

  1. season 2 needs to hurry up! All the good shows are going off for the seasons. It’s about to be a drought lol!

  2. I like Dre he just looks like he’s on his grown and sexy tipe…they’re all handsome though but for Yaz everytime i see him i just think of that lil boy i seen in the asia star videos years back and his presence here in Philly…he’s not that much younger than me but for some reason i feel much older than him lol…so Jussie or Trai

  3. Congrats to six great years…and many more to come!!
    I am REALLY feelin’ the facial hair on Jussie!!

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