TJ The Contender Still Looks Like A Winner

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 8.04.52 PMlook at god.
look at what he does.
who wants some more bonus flicks of tj the contender?
check his shoot from lady mehan photography
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#SexiestSummerEver With The Lyon’s Brothers ( BONUS )

tumblr_noeryvy6Ez1unxfwao1_500well today is the 15th of may.
you know what day that is?
well it is the 6 year anniversary of “insidejamarifox”.
6 years you have put up with my crazy ass.
i love you.
i love you.
i looooooovvvvvedddd-ed you.
its also “the lyons brothers” essence issues rolls onto newsstands.
remember i spoke about it ( x HERE ).
well an f-bi sent me some visuals from the article w/ video…
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well after that fake o-pipencakes bomb threat,
i thought we would all need some late night snacks.
bring them into the pleasure hole!…

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so good news guys.
10,000 views today.
slowly approaching 3 milli.
i love my boys.
the foxhole don’t let up.

so it’s game time

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