Crazy May Have An “R” On His Forehead

tumblr_nnd8mrAZM41qjl96uo1_540he looks absolutely crazy.
like the type to not let you go,
still texts even when you say stop,
and might even hide out the bushes but…

tumblr_nnd8mrAZM41qjl96uo2_540…but you know the sex will be out of this world!!!!
 “coo coo cock” is what he bees in your phone contact list.
you know “crazy” and “broke” always has the best sex for whatever reason.

lowkey: who is this wolf with the “r” on his forehead?
i’m intrigued.
i won’t even lie.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Crazy May Have An “R” On His Forehead”

  1. YES! He’s so ruggedly handsome, muscle bound, sexy and a bad boy! Just my type…which means that he’ll probably hit it and never call me again. 🙁

    Back on topic. That R is scary as shyt. That was too much. Like you know he ain’t working with a full deck by doing that fk shyt.

  2. In that header pic…he kinda looks like a lighter version of Uncle Luke from 2 Live Crew. LOL
    But them lips and those nips…they’re doing things to me.

  3. With a body like that I can overlook the R, just as long as its mutually understood that it will be a sex thing and that’s it lol

  4. Ray can get it…i had a man like this before…He would eat, and beat it and have my ass going in circles only to disappear and pop up randomly…but he had me gone so whenever he would text me or pop up i’d let him hit it…smh man i was young and dumb at that time lol…

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