Got Married To Build Another Empire!


andre lyon and boo boo kitty are married!
that’s trai byers and grace gaeley from “empire”.
it’s so crazy because i was just watching the video she did with jamie foxx.
i said something and mi replied…

“isn’t she married to that wolf from empire?

i said:

“naw they are just dating.”

well i guess God wanted to update my files today.
so they married at a mansion down in the cayman islands.
tumblr_o5dfoxvLft1u2116qo8_r1_250it was a secret wedding that happened last thursday.
only close family and friends attended.
none of the “lyons family, bosses, and friends” got invites.

is it just me
or does that make you think they really don’t mess with their coworkers like that?


would you invite yours to a special occasion you were having?
either way…
they’re a beautiful match.

lowkey: i hope this doesn’t further mess with their characters.
lord knows the writing staff can’t get their pen game together…

pictures credited: tmz

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “Got Married To Build Another Empire!”

  1. Congratulations to the both of them they’re so adorable together I think maybe they didn’t invite the other cast members because the other people in the cast are bigger names so maybe that would bought more paparazzi and such. They probably just wanted the day to be about their love and union.

  2. They are a perfect match like Meagan Good and her pastor husband. They’re all going to make beautiful caramel babies.
    On the whole not inviting the Empire casts is not a big deal because at the end of the day they are just people you work with. Plus from my experience co-workers can’t be trusted period.

  3. I’m with Mikey they didn’t want the crazy paparazzi swarming around. Not to mention she’s from the islands anyways so I’m sure they wanted to keep things simple. I’m happy for them, such a beautiful couple.

  4. Married? What Wait, I guess I missed something, LOL. I cant even believe it myself sometimes, how I do not keep up with Black Entertainment like I use to in the past. I heard rumors they were dating, but I thought it was just that, rumors and nothing serious other than a publicity stunt. I guess they are this generation Boris and Nicole, meet on set and have true love. Congrats, and I am sure as far as their studio family, it not easy to just pick up and fly away to the island, they will probably have a work party when they return.

    1. Tajan,

      I said the same thing in my mind about the Boris and Nicole thing and hope that they have a successful career, because Boris and Nicole fizzled in the rating department after they married and fell off hard.

  5. Jussie is in Australia filming an Alien prequel called Covenant with Ridley Scott.He flew to Australia this week.She is friends with the white actress who plays Andre’s wife.I only see her hanging out with her other co stars on set based on the pics and videos they post on IG.We all have “work friends” vs real friends 😀

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