The Truth About A Liar Liar

truthPOSTeveryone likes to confide in me.
i am told i come off very trusting.
i guess because i am always there to listen and try to help.
well who knew,
this year and around this time that liar liar

…Would be telling me her truth?

liar liar is a very damaged vixen.
something happened
to her that has made her who she is.
we started working more closely together this year.
sometimes very long hours.
i guess she admitted defeated because she apologized to me.
it came off genuine,
but i still watch my back with her.
all her issues stemmed from her growing up.
the neglect her parents showed her.
both of her parents are drug addicts and abusers.
as she talks to me,
everything always seems to circle around the attention of some wolf.
she finds joy in controlling wolves with sex.
something she started at a young age and became good at.

so she was dating the mailroom supervisor wolf.
he is married also.
they are actually on a break at the moment.
he was very emotionally abusive to her.
she showed me texts of their arguments,
he always seemed to go to the left with the disrespect.
for such a good looking wolf as he is,
he definitely has a dark side.
no one knows except for me.
for some reason,
she cannot seem to let him go.

in-between that time,
she was secretly talking to her x.
they fucked last week.
she really liked him,
but he is no good for her as well.
he has a fiance with a baby on the way,
but he is apparently still in “love” with her.

they hired a new straight wolf in another department.
they both knew each other from previous jobs they both had.
she fucked him last week as well.
all this time,
they been talking on the low since he got thre.
they never got a chance to fuck,
but they both went to a happy hour and it “happened”.
she said it was exceptional dick,
but now he is acting funny afterwards.

supervisor mail room wolf
new wolf in the other department

they all got the pussy last week on different days.

GIF-ultimate-claw-machine-prizei personally think they are all using her for sex.
she isn’t really a “prize” to be claimed.

liar liar has a big problem with drinking as well.
from the time i started,
she has definitely fell off as far as her body is concerned.
many animals have noticed she has gained a lot of weight.

i don’t tell her my business.
i just let her talk.
she doesn’t seem to have anyone to talk to.
as much as i wanted to destroy her,
i actually feel sad for her.
her life is ruled by alcohol,
and sex.
if no wolf is giving her attention,
she seriously becomes depressed.
she can also play the victim very well too.
i always call her out on her shit tho.
i don’t sugar coat my opinion about her at  all.
she has come to respect that about me.
the girl is definitely damaged…
…and i don’t think she is going to fix it anytime soon.
i had to ask myself after listening to her antics last week…

Can I judge?

it’s not like i don’t have my own set of shit i’m dealing with.

39 thoughts on “The Truth About A Liar Liar

  1. I’ll be honest Jamari. I hated how this woman behaved toward you. Now I understand her motivation. It’s sad. I know empowered women who get as much as sex as this want. Liar Liar is not one of them. Fucking around on the job is what messy, losers do. That shit never works, whether it’s the mailroom manager or the CEO. Keep listening but DO NOT CONFIDE IN THAT WOMAN and keep your conversations as brief and to the point and about work as much as possible. My grandmother used to say, “A dog that will fetch a bone will carry a bone.” You don’t want her sharing personal things about yourself with others at the job.

  2. I’m with Dignified and Jay on this. I would not trust her. She tried to get you fired. Please don’t forget that. She could even go back and tell the dudes you said they are using her in an attempt to create confusion between you and them. Her background, notwithstanding, she is poison. People like her will twist the most innocuous thing you could utter. Be warned.

  3. You don’t have to tell her anything for her to talk shit about you. Remember what you named her. Your new closeness will make her next set of lies about you more believable. By the way, unless you have decided to be out at work, her not trying to fuck you might be a problem. “When people show you who they are, believe them.”

  4. 🙂 I think Work Wolf hit that too… lol… sorry.. but couldn’t help myself from saying that..

  5. I’m skeptical with this one. I’m very wary of people doing 180 swings of behaviour with me. I don’t trust that at all. I get it, people go through shit, but I don’t care. I go through shit too, doesn’t give me an excuse to try to obliterate someone, and I know I can if i wanted to with words alone, but that’s not my way. We have a choice every day to decide how and who we are going to be to ourselves and to others DESPITE where we came from. She showed you who she can be, she painted that picture, I would strongly heed that warning. It’s nice that you want to be nice to her, but I don’t believe she’s being genuine. She might feel the need to be nice to you atm for whatever reason but i don’t believe it’s out of the “goodness of her heart” or some revelation shit. Even if she HAS changed, great, but I’m of the mentality that sometimes you have to live with with the consequences of your past, even if you’ve changed for the better, and do better moving forward. With my mentality, I would be indifferent to her situation, especially when all this is going down at the workplace.
    I just wouldn’t feel comfortable with all that. I’m very picky about who I associate with, and I’d be well over her regardless of where she came from. That’s not my burden to bare, it’s hers. Why are you all of a sudden pouring your soul out to me? Am I supposed to be sympathetic or something?
    Maybe it’s because I’m more introverted, but all this sharing with people that were once my enemies or whatever is just weird, pick a side and stay on it.
    It’s not even about forgiveness at this point. I can forgive you, sure, I can move on, but my opinion of you hasn’t changed. I know enough about you to know I’m not missing out, you’re not fooling me! Just talk to me about work stuff, and let’s be on our way. I’m getting paid to work with you, I’ll be cordial, other than that, miss me! Even listening to her be “genuine” makes me highly suspicious in the sense of: “What does she want with me?” “What is she trying to get out of me?” “What is she using me for? What does she need?” even if it’s not about me in that way, it doesn’t matter, there’s enough evidence to make me suspicious for her not to be a contender, especially if I am still dealing with a WW situation.
    If you feel you need to be nice to her for your own sake, I totally understand, do you what you feel is right for your survival. I wouldn’t necessarily say any of the things I just said to her face, but I’d be thinking it, and just keeping it real brief while making sure my work gets DONE. I would feel like she’s watching me and reporting any mistakes or some shit, especially now that she has me in close quarters, shit, she’s tried to do that many times before, and now she has you in her grasp. Maybe she’s doing that, maybe she’s not, but you don’t know for sure, and her past behaviour has proven she’s capable of the former. Maybe if she was saying all this when it wasn’t so contrived, maybe I’d have an ear for it, but I’d have to be in a good mood, if that. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED, AND STAY ON YOUR GAME! this could potentially be your job on the line, even though she probably doesn’t have that influence, I would behave like that’s the case. Her situation is turning on her. When she had the comfort and support of your previous manager/boss, would she have had this moment with you? I think not, because she was in a position where she didn’t feel the need to have allies, because her boss had her back. Her ass is as much on the line as yours, and she could be very well using your strong reputation for her own advancement.

    1. ^Dignified, if you don’t do anything else in life, know that you did that. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾Boy you broke it down.

  6. I feel bad for her. She clearly has low self esteem and I’m more than sure those man recognize that and use it to their advantage.

  7. Yea, I encourage you to look over your shoulder with her, even though she has apologized. From what you have said, she has done a lot, and she is not someone I would welcome with open arms. Liar may be one of those people who confide in people they do not like because the people they usually rely on are not around. I figured that she was probably a damaged person, but it still does not excuse some of her actions.

    Who has she not slept with tho? Damn.

  8. Watch out for that Anaconda man. She will talk to you, tell you sob stories, all the while trying to wrap the coils around you. I have an albino one at my job. I tread VERY carefully with that one. You can’t turn your back on her! LOL
    That being said…if she confides in you again, please tell her she is nothing but a sex object to them. They hit it and quit it , or come back because it’s conveniently there! She has to realize that.

  9. This is a twist I did not see coming at all. I just thought she had eased up off of you since you hadnt mentioned her in so long. Wow, I guess its true that God will make your enemy your footstool. J, now if I didnt already know you are truly a good person deep down and that is why even in the darkest hours you still come out on top and are blessed because most of us on here at one time or another wanted to catch a flight to NYC and beat Liar Liar ass for you LOL. I guess I should not be surprised that her self esteem is in the gutter, just keep being a friend to her, because it is eating her up to see that all the evil she tried to do to you, she could not break your spirit. In life I have seen this so many times.

    I remember in High School, I was walking down the hall and this guy told this other guy loud enough for me to hear it, that he thought I was a faggot. That cut me to the bone back then and I didnt realize that many years later when I ran into this dude at a High School Reunion party that I would still have a distaste for him in my mouth, but it was so funny seeing that he looked old, he was fat and looked washed up, and not to mention the fact that his younger brother turned out to be gay and is a good friend of mine now. A part of me wanted to run up to him and say you remember when, but I knew it would not matter, because looking at him, I saw that life had already taken care of him in a way I never could. I could see the defeat in his eyes when he saw me and all the attention I was getting LoL. I guess Liar Liar realize that people are still going to gravitate toward you when you are a genuine sincere person no matter what others try to say or do to you. I guess she was jealous of your energy and wanted to destroy you when she first met you and now she needs your energy to help save her. Slowly encourage her with positive thoughts and vibes and hopefully she will change for the better, if not you still did your part.

    1. ^i absolutely loved this comment t.
      it shows that type of person you are with this as well.

      listen i pictured myself doing some real fucked up shit to her.
      they way she treated me was disgusting.
      God has always handled things for me.
      why lift a finger or say a word?

      i hurt,
      but I move on over time.
      it’s funny how God truly makes the jackals who do me wrong either be revealed or just be completely failures at life.

      ill continue to wish the best for her.
      she needs a win.

    2. I must point this out because I think it is important. I think people need to be more forgiving towards other people. That situation with you and the guy from high school was an isolated incident, not something that occurred repeatedly. Now if this was shady person who you have had incidents with over and over, I would understand the grudge because you have to be careful of people who seem as if they have character issues. Whatever was going on wrong in his life was going to happen even if he did not call you that. There are people out here who need to forgive, and what they are mad about is usually nothing that serious. Yea, it may have hurt your feelings at the time, but not 10 or 15 years down the line. At what point do you move past it?

      1. …Nah I’m a savage.

        After I get my revenge we can be cool, but I doubt they’d want to do that lmao

    3. @Tajan I can fucking relate to you, excuse my language, but in high school I went through something like that as well with this guy who was very much a hard street, bad ass boy who went wild, literally wild, when my friend misunderstood me and thought I said I was gay, but she was like “You’re gay?” out loud and I gave her the side-eye and told her I didn’t say that. And this fool was like “I thought he was gay, I knew it, I could tell this nigga was gay.” Just going on a rampage and getting all angry. But years later I bump into this nappyheaded boy at the mall and hunty, those hips were swishing and he had a diva attitude plus he wore Juicy Couture sweatsuit. Life is funny.

  10. She was probably sexually abused as a child so her self esteem and self worth is centered around her sexuality.Some women who were sexually abused as children pursue sex recklessly as adults.Others forgoe sex completely.I was sexually abused but instead of being a promiscuous teen,I shut down sexually.Fortunately I finally dealt with my sexual abuse by discussing it with a support group.She probably still feels guilt and shame and that’s why she allows herself to be used by these men.She thinks she is controlling them.In the same way strippers and porn stars who have been sexually abused believe they are in control or empowered by letting men degrade and dehumanize them.

  11. Well that was a turn of events I didn’t see coming lol

    We all have our shit we have to deal with and while it’s nice to see this side of her, I’m not surprised people who have been treated like that tent to take it out on others. She has to wonder what it is about her that is attracting these kinds of wolves to her. Hope she gets done help

    P.S. I liked that you let her do all the talking there’s no reason she needs to know your business.

  12. I was just having a discussion with someone about this. Robin Givens’ character in Boomerang was a legit, unbothered maneater in that movie Boomerang. Even when Eddie Murphy realized he wanted Halle Berry you didn’t get the sense it would affect her anyway.

    These days chicks giving head and getting hit from the back in stairwells and swear they got mind control over these dudes lmao. I can guarantee if all these dudes found out they were fucking her they wouldn’t even be mad because they know she’s a toss, and that’s how you know you’re the loser when they don’t even care lol.

    1. ^robin givens character was GOAT.
      that’s how life should be for everyone.
      when you are at your highest level of “no fucks to give”,
      that is when you can be that person.
      it’s a beautiful feeling to not care.

      she is known for her good sex.
      one of the reasons why wolves flirt with her.
      some of those same dudes started talking.
      that mailroom supervisor wolf is one.
      if she passed away tomorrow,
      i doubt they would even show up.
      she is just easy pussy.

  13. I got some really good advice from this older woman, this post reminded me of it. The people that have done something wrong to you in life are most likely that way because of an outside influence while growing up. That doesn’t mean let everybody off the hook, but it’s good to think about when you’re ready to go 100 and do something reckless

    1. ^i feel sorry for her dee.
      she doesn’t sent to know any better.
      she was raised and got hurt through life to be this way.
      that is her problem and will continue to be her problem until she makes the effort to fix it.
      she may have saw something in me that threatened her and that’s why she was so nasty to me when I started.

      1. Exactly, she saw how innocent and decent you were and she wanted to break that shield and bobbles of protect. I’m surprised she turned a new leaf all because you defeated her. So I guess it’s true, she came from a broken home. Lord fix it!

  14. So there’s this site called blackgirlsareeasy. He wrote a book that I think would be beneficial for her to read.

      1. It’s a blog. Literally I heard the title of the site and it pissed me off so I went to read and then comment. After reading I found it to be an eye opening.

    1. He has a thing about becoming a spartan. It’s like that ratchet version of think like a lady act like a man. It’ll speak to her in her language.

  15. Do not judge ,because this is her season ,if she does not get it now ,she will continue to do all the things over and over with the same results. Get the lessons now and use the expirence that comes from mess ,to move you in a better play later. To God shall all that we get and learn in life ,or seasons get the glory.

    1. ^she has been doing the same things over and over and over.
      she tends to contradict herself too…
      hopefully she starts to get it.

    1. ^she tries to come off like this pimp.
      because wolves flirt and want to fuck her,
      that she is a1.
      it’s funny how it doesn’t seem to be the case…

      1. I try to tell these women, men will flirt with and fuck anything if they’re horny enough and the lighting is right. Getting a man to fuck your brains out is no accomplishment no matter how fine he is, because it doesn’t mean he has standards for who he fucks. Pornhub and Xtube is filled with good looking men fucking less attractive women in bonnets and head wraps lol.

        These women that got dudes out here proposing after 6 months of dating are pimps.

        1. ^oh I do the same.
          i told her last week that none of these wolves are putting a ring on it.
          she smiled,
          but I could tell I dug deep.
          she really thinks her sex game is what has these wolves sprung off her.
          she doesn’t even really do anything exciting with them.
          she isn’t even showing them a new way of life.
          she is simply a hood vixen who wolves know has easy pussy.

    2. Be extremely careful what you share with her too. Sometimes even the shit we share in passing can come back to haunt us.

      Hurt people like her hurt other people without a second thought.

      I can hardly judge anyone for using sex as a coping mechanism, but when you’re fucking multiple people you work with jeaopardizing your money its clearly out of control.

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