Someone Get A Prayer Blanket for Andre Lyon

tumblr_nkpz7t7GIE1qbmp7lo3_500“of course sometimes shit go down
when there are no meds on an elevator…”

i’m comin!
as soon as my car comes to get me!

so tonight’s episode of empire
i meannnnnnnnnn…
it showed some powerful acting from andre aka trai byers.
he went bat shit crazy!!!
tumblr_nkpzl8tdAS1sy7pdto2_1280no fucks to give on his part.
it broke my heart tho.
well this is after they wheeled him off.
my po baby!
its crazy but so many people,
black fo’ks i’m talkin’ to you,
have mental illness and don’t even realize it.
i’m glad lee daniels is bringing awareness to it.

tumblr_nkpvkbctie1u5351mo1_400…thoughts on tonight’s episode?

lowkey: wasn’t that “conquer” song with jamal and estelle amazing?

( x watch latest episide of empire here )

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13 thoughts on “Someone Get A Prayer Blanket for Andre Lyon”

  1. I like the first song Jamal sang the D’Angelo, Prince, esque one
    When Cookie got high off lean I thought I was gonna die

  2. Yes, he really did do a hell of a job tonight. I think I may actually feel bad for his character now; before I was just annoyed by him. LOL. That was a good episode though.

  3. Great performance by Trai, he mentioned pn The View that he has a family member who is bipolar.He witnessed the family member have a breakdown.
    Also I’m loving Jussie’s voice.I hate that there are only two more episodes this season.Then we have to wait until the Fall season.Jussie will be on Ellen Show.The show will air Monday.I believe they tape it Thursday.

  4. Lawd forgive me, but it took this breakdown for me to pay attention to Andre, he is gorgeous, was so busy being a cradle robber looking at that lil young tenderoni Hakeem, not seeing that Big Brother is very nice too. He put his acting chops on the table tonight, and I was very impressed. I dont really even watch TV anymore but I make it a point to watch this show every week, and cant wait until the next episode. I cant even remember when I have watched a show this intensely. I hope we are going to be treated to some gratuitous shots of Andre in some shorts with no shirt in the upcoming season.

  5. I concur, great acting. Let me also say that I am so glad they didn’t have the brothers stuck in an elevator for the rest of the episode.

  6. This was like the most intense episode! Andre is one of my favorite characters. I wonder what that says about me. lol

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