The Exit Is Coming Up Soon

Inspiration_Next_Exit_ViaKlarityTumblri can see the exit in the foreground.
it is slowly approaching,
but i am i prepared?…

i got written up today.
it was a 2 in 1 special.

1 – i was late because of the train/weather.

“you should have left earlier since the weather was bad.”

2 – i left early tuesday because i wasn’t feeling well.
i have sick days,
but i couldn’t use them since my last write up…

so the next time i get in trouble,
that is my exit.
i will be no longer be employed with this company.
i don’t know how i feel honestly.
a side of me felt relieved.
another side is a little stressed.
i am a big jumble of:

tumblr_mhimskyCzL1qgcra2o1_500i am still paying off for my travel laptop.
i can’t:

use any more days to take off
can’t come in late

….so i’m stuck.
i have to find creative ways to interview for other jobs.
unless they let me go and i’ll have a bunch of free time.
no one is biting right now.
that’s the part that also has me stressed.
the whole thing is a mess,
but i feel there is a golden nugget somewhere.
please continue to keep me in your prayers.

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25 thoughts on “The Exit Is Coming Up Soon”

    1. ^man im trying.
      they want me gone so they are finding ways to get me out.
      this write up was absolutely bullshit.
      not to mention I’ll be sitting here while every leaves to go home for the weather.

      1. The good thing is that winter will be gone soon, so you won’t have to be worrying about the weather anymore. Be cautious man. You know you are better of working even though they make you miserable.

      2. Do you know if anyone else was late because of the weather? If so, ask why you are being singled out. Second, even if you left early for work, if you take public transportation…you have no control over that, ESPECIALLY in bad weather! Mass transit is worse in bad weather. I’m sure they’re aware of this.
        Definitely sounds like they are trying to play you man.
        I’m usually the first person to arrive in my office daily, alongside another co-worker that travels from Jersey. Occasionally she might beat me in. LOL
        One day I was about 10 minutes late, thanks to a broken down bus, and one of the supervisors snidely commented on my being late. I politely told her that since I began there I’m among the first to arrive in the office DAILY, outside of my coworker, so if a bus breaks down and causes me to be 10 minutes late…guess what, I get that one. One of my coworkers came to me and said man you are crazy.
        I do my job, I know the policies, and I know shyt that goes on in the office. They throw shyt at me, I throw it back at them respectfully, so they don’t say I’m insubordinate. No shame in my game. I play the game with them, because they have to dot their I’s and cross their T’s…only thing is I know where they fuck up on occasion. ;o)

  1. Will do Jamari… Us creative people need to find ways to use our talents to make money because this 9 to 5 is literally sucking the life out of us. I feel depressed chained to a chair for freaking 8 hours. But I am blessed though. It’s just that, that type of work environment is not for us so I completely understand how you feel man.

    1. ^i agree.

      I sat here and had to ask myself if I really want to continue to feel the way I do?
      this job is taking a toll of me.
      it is extremely negative here.
      I don’t want it to end the way of being fired,
      but what other options do I have?

      1. I know you’ve worked in retail in the past, but have you thought about luxury retail? Stores such as LV, Gucci, Burberry etc.. The money won’t be that great but at least you’ll feel “alive” until your next breakthrough comes in. I work at a luxury store after my 9-5 and I like it. The customers love me and I love them too. I feel alive when I’m on the sales floor talking to customers. I’m doing that on the side until I launch my business in a few months. The type of customers you meet at luxury stores are not like the ones at H&M or Forever 21 for instance no shades. I’m pretty sure you’ll fit right in. Just something to think about. I’m hustling hard like a MF this year. On top of these two jobs I’m working on my business. How bad do you want it bro?

  2. Mr. Fox,

    lifting you up in my prayers asking Jehova to answer your cries for deliverance. Continue to be strong my brother and this too shall pass..

  3. Jamari, I’ve emailed you many times about my hellish job in a psych facility.

    As you know, I resigned in January and I still haven’t found another job.

    No I don’t have the cash flow I am used to having, but I have sooooo much joy in my life right now!

    I feel like I’ve been renewed honestly. I had to literally get on my knees and thank God for delivering from that situation.

    I promise you it had gotten so bad I was bringing bad energy home with me. In my home I’m fighting for some kind of peace or decent 4 hours of sleep!

    Shit, I’ve lost 12 pounds in one month working out and eating right and even other people notice a change in me!

    With all that being said, I think things will work out the way God wants them to.

    All you can really do is your best and allow God to handle the rest.

    In the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to polish up that resume and mail and email it to potential jobs and temp agencies.

    1. ^i remember Jay.

      I have dropped so much weight,
      I’ve been sick,
      and been going through it mentally.
      this job is HELL.
      I thank God for my blessings and everything he has provided,
      but I need to get up out of here.

      I been sending out my resume to a few places.
      nothing is biting,
      But I feel God is about to give me a breakthrough that is going to elevate me to the next level of my life.
      I’m holding onto that hope.

  4. I agree with Jay. It’s better to be happy & without. You may not have the same cash coming in but you’d have a peace of mind. There will be more jobs.

  5. Jamari, please do not leave this job until you have a start date at another. I don’t know the circumstances of others but I don’t think you have any savings. Your bills, including rent, will still be due.

    The folk at your job are trying to get you to quit which may prevent you from collecting unemployment. You will need the unemployment if you are let go before landing another job.

    Check with some retail places when you get off. If possible to discreetly place calls while at work, do so, but be cautious.

    Check ads for working from home. You are great with the Internet and may be able to do some things in the evening and on weekends. You should even consider doing some telemarketing. This could help you earn some extra cash to have in case they fire you before you land something you really like.

  6. I would agree with the many comments to stay until you have something else.
    Based on hat you’ve said about them, I have a strong feeling that if they were to let you go, they would probably dispute your unemployment claim and try to fight it.

  7. That really sucks but when you get a A feeling you get a feeling. As always I will keep you in my prayers but I really hope something better that stimulates you comes along. I like the idea above about working At one of the luxury store or somewhere creative and on your level until something else comes along.

  8. Ay Jamari, I hope you get job interviews asap and 4 or 5 job acceptances right after cause that nothing to play with plus the laptop bills. Swallow your pride for a little while until it time to go.

  9. Jjudge hold on a little while longer. You don’t want to be in the same predicament you was in before. Just do what you have to do to stay afloat. Everything is going to work out! DON’T let anyone or anything take your happiness away! Remember that!

  10. Although this job is not healthy, and if it comes to blows, at least you’ll regain your life and happiness. My abusive job left my crying after work, but now that i moved on it got better. We know corporate america is not guaranteed. I’ve heard you talk about being a sole proprietor in past entries. You owe it to yourself to get into the fashion industry and think about using the internet as your platform to make money.

  11. Stick in there Jamari! Until they let you go, just keep a straight head and make ya coins. We here for you bro!

  12. I’m sorry that this is happening to you Jamari. But I’m praying for you and I know you will push through.

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