tumblr_lp8bqu6FeO1qzu681it has been a quiet couple of days from the last entry.
no music.
no energy.
just me.
i have been out if it.
i didn’t feel depressed tho.
maybe shock?
my mind has been a total blank.
i looked at my laptop,
wanted to open it,
but had nothing to say.
it was like i had to deliver a speech and forgot all the words.
i’ve actually had a lot of things to write about,
foxmails to answer,
and cute wolves for review
well that was before i was called in the office again friday.
yes the fuck shit for jamari fox continues…

it wasn’t for a write up this time,
but a simple reiteration.

“you cannot take another day off or be late for the rest of the year.
so if you are still with this company by 2016,
you will be eligible to use your sick/vacation days again…”

britney+(1)i think she wanted me to quit right there.
naaaahhh buddy.
oh mr. green was there as well.
whatever she told him,
he has taken her side.
my boss is quite manipulative high key.
well i noticed he isn’t the same person i met.
he is different now.
below freezing.
i tried to speak to him,
but he pretty much ignored my requests.

tumblr_my848sC3DD1qjn01ro1_250i did come to a conclusion this weekend tho.

“this job is the best worst job i’ve ever had.”

i have not gone crazy and it still blows chunks,
but working there has taught me so much.
fake people,
office politics,
and lastly:


i can say,
without a doubt,
it has upgraded me a mental level.
listen i realize no job will be perfect.
not when you have many different people with various personalities.
some can be manipulative.
some can even be on 110% of crazy.
others can be jackals simply waiting to rip off their masks.
its how you handle all of it.
corporate popularity will go out the window when people turn on you.
you go from being the one personally invited to happy hours,
to taking your lunch and eating it in the handicap stall.
its like fuckin’ high school.
it amazes me how the losers are now drunk off a little power.
no matter how good you are at your job,
either you:

tap dance to be “in”
be on the way “out”

someone higher up than you,
who is actually lower than you,
needs you to entertain them.
so dance i say!
giphy it isn’t until you work for in your career that you’ll be appreciated.
it won’t happen as you slave daily for another.
so when they decide to let me go at this fuck shit job,
i know i will be okay with that.
i guess that’s the beauty of a blank mind.
it allows god and the universe to speak to you.

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34 thoughts on “SPRING FORWARD (blank)”

  1. Get those recommendations while you still can, pay off that laptop, store some coins for a rainy day, then get the hell out of dodge. This is all complete bullshit. …”2016″ are u fucking kidding me?

  2. Son!! It’s March and you can’t take anymore days off already? How many days do they give you for the year? Yea, you need to be actively looking for another job the best you can. The bad part is, it will be tough for you to land an interview with another company during the business week because you can’t take anymore days off.

    1. ^man…

      thats the thing: MY SHT BEEN RESET!!
      i had a years worth of sick/vacation days.
      apparently they made some new rules on a fox.
      since ive been written up those times,
      i’m on some probation for 12 months.
      so its 12 months of slavery?

  3. Jamari- They are clearly trying to fire you for cause. Don’t just wait for it. File complaint about the sick leave now. In NYC it is illegal to deny sick leave and its illegal to retaliate against someone for requesting sick leave. then, when they fire you anyway, it will look like retaliation. It will cost them more than they pay you to win this argument and the managers in question will start getting the side eye from their superiors.

    1. ^and see jay that’s what I was saying.
      i am well within my rights to request sick days.
      plus ny passed that law so wtf??
      i am calm right now,
      but they making me go from 0 to 100 with this bullshit.

  4. Hey J, I am over the fuck shit at this job. First of all, that is a set up by none other than Liar Liar, this bitch will stop at nothing to get you out the door, she is so threaten by you that now its not even funny. So are they saying if you get sick and have a Dr. note they can still let you go? That is bullshit. Its time to play hardball with these bitches. First add up how much vacation and leave you have, and even if short term disability comes with your benefits. Next for the next 2 months if you can last that long, try to double up on your rent to buy you some time if you can. Then you need to go to your doctor and tell them you are stressed the hell out, you cant eat, you cant sleep and you are highly depressed, and from the sounds of it, that is not far from the truth. Next you need to pop their asses with FMLA. Your job is protected for at least 12 weeks unless they want a major lawsuit on their hand. Sometimes you got the play the hand you are dealt. You can use all your vacation and sick days and still get paid, and you need to be looking like crazy for another position even if its a temp gig or a shitty retail gig in a high end store, no money but you may possibly meet connections for something better. Also dont be above looking into churches and charities or housing programs that help you with rent and utilities if you do fall on hard times, food stamps if you have no income coming in you may be eligible. You may have to do without the essentials for a couple of months if it comes to that, but start planning your escape now and FMLA may buy you a little time. Dont expect to be able come back there or if you do, they will most definitely try to get rid of you, but if they do you can qualify for unemployment benefits. It is do or die and these assholes are trying to destroy you.

    1. ^thanks t.
      i like the sound of that doctor idea.
      gets something on file.
      so if some shit goes down,
      I’ll be more than protected.

      As far as calling out with a doctor,
      they say it will have to be “under review”.

  5. I totally agree that this is a great teaching lesson for you and after you find another job and leave this hell hole. I hope you bump into Mr. Green and tell him like it is one day.

    1. ^i feel this is all going to set up a happy ending lin.
      this will not make me bitter or sad.
      it is a learning experience that is really trying.
      there is a part of me that wants them to let me go so I can be free.

  6. Jamari I agree with every comment everyone has left especially the one Tajan just left. You have to fight these people back their dragging your name in the mud and yes that Liar Liar girl got all this started I’m sure. I honestly think you need to do what Tajan just wrote. You have to Jamari it hasn’t been a healthy workplace for a long time I feel so bad that your going through this. I don’t know if this is all the way to the left but have you thought about moving out of NY maybe relocating to Atlanta, living is cheaper than NY new scenery, new people, and easier to find a job until you can do what you love. Keep your head up J.

    1. ^i guess I got caught up in the “it will get better” or the fear of being unemployed again.
      I can roll with the punches,
      but the fact I have been effected so badly that I’m realizing it isn’t worth it.
      I have been telling myself that I would love to move somewhere else.
      a new state to start fresh.
      atl has been on my radar for a while now.
      it will happen.
      thank you for your kind words.

  7. I am curious to know about their sick day and vacation policy. If you have the days they can’t deny you using them. There’s no “resetting” shyt if you have them. If you don’t have the days, or if you have a habit of abusing the days (taking days weekly or whatever), that’s a different story. Take a look at the company’s policy and if you haven’t done anything that is a breach of that policy..you need to confront them. They will have to adhere to the policy…no if, ands, or buts about it. It’s in writing.
    They can’t “re-write” the policy to fit their situation!

  8. Jamari, you’ve gotten some good advice. Get to the doctor. Hopefully, he/she has evening hours. If not, see a doctor at a hospital; they’re open 24/7. Jay laid out the reasons to recite. Get the doctor to write the letter for all the time your leave will cover. Take it to the boss and leave. Don’t engage in any argument when you do. There should be free legal services in New York. You might even check with one of the major firms; they are all supposed to provide a certain amount of pro-bono services each year. Maybe one or some of the readers of this blog are lawyers in New York and/or familiar with a firm to recommend. Try to get the legal advice first then get the doctor’s letter. Having Mr. Green in the office was to give her a witness. They’ve laid out their hand. Keep breathing deeply and doing push-ups; it will keep you from smacking someone and will have a calming effect. You need to be very clear-headed until you can get out of there. I’m saying this as one who has consistently advised you to stick it out so they would fire so you could file for unemployment, which they perhaps would contest; however, if they fire you, you won’t be able to use your sick leave. You need the funds without a break.

      1. Jamari, the doctor can give you a letter stating that they suggest a time period that you can be out. As long as the note is from the doctor (preferably with the doctor’s letterhead) there is nothing that they can do. Even though they try to tell you that you cannot be out, if you have documentation from a doctor, and they tried to give you the boot…they KNOW they would have a lawsuit on their hands.
        Not for nothing, but have you talked to HR about what’s going on?

        1. ^okay I’ll remember that next time.

          I spoke to someone in HR,
          after getting a lot of run around,
          and they told me about the write ups and how it’s part of their “policy”.
          when you have excessive write ups,
          they can basically put you on a probation as they have.
          Like one wrong move and I’m fired.
          so they don’t have my back.
          they have dragged my name through the mud that now it’s her word against mine.

          1. ^they want me gone.
            that is the bottom line to all this bullshit.
            the part that bothers me is how I did nothing wrong but do my damn job.
            this shit is not fair.

      2. Write the note for the days you will be out, using up all the sick leave you have to allow you to interview and land that next job. That’s the reason you want to plead unbearable stress.

  9. Jamari, when you hired in were you given a copy of the companies work rules and regulations, an attendance policy? If not you might want to request one. If you have to fight their actions you should have that information handy. Everyone has given some good advice. Like tajan said check into FMLA as that is Federal.

    1. ^i was out 7 days.
      4 lateness.
      lateness because of the mta,
      which I called for.
      I have 5 sick days to use,
      which were covered and paid for by the company,
      and 2 that weren’t.
      According to them,
      with this new policy,
      they are saying I called out too much.
      isn’t this against the law?

      1. You are getting some good advice. All of this advice is about how to be in the best position when they eventually get rid of you. The advice is about how to fight back to keep the check coming in for as long as possible. This job is over, dead. Schedule the funeral and start planning NOW how you will live without the income. This can’t turn out well. This isn’t a movie that will resolve itself somehow in the end. At some point, you are likely to be unemployed. The legal stuff might put off that date by a few weeks or months and might result in a settlement WAY down the line. Meanwhile, you need a plan for how you will live without a pay check and a plan for how to acquire another one.

        Old Head is right about free legal services in NYC. http://www.legal-aid.org/en/civil/civilpractice/employmentlawproject.aspx

        Or. http://www.nycbar.org/for-the-public/legal-hotline

        And, stop quoting HR, they don’t work for you and they are not on your side. Anything they tell you verbally is worse than useless. They are counting on your accepting what they say and not having the money to make legal trouble for them.

        PS Liar Liar, your supervisor, is or was fucking a colleague. That is sexual harassment too, “creating a hostile working environment.”

      2. question J, were the 7 sick days the same week or other weeks spread out? Also what’s iching me is what does Liar Liar have against you, why is she so spiteful?

  10. I really feel badly about how you are being treated. The pressure they are putting you under could well lead to the kind of debilitating mental illness that qualifies for social security disability. Your posts indicate many of the symptoms of mental depression. Im sure it won’t be long before your symptoms of depression cause you serious difficulty in:

    activities of daily living
    social functioning
    focusing, or
    repeated, extended periods of worsening symptoms

    Keep your head up and see a doctor ( and a lawyer)

  11. I love all the advice you been given I know things are going to turn around in your favor. If you have to quit or leave you can hold your head high knowing you have resources in your back pocket. As usual you’ll stay in my prayers.

  12. i really want to stop and thank everyone for all the advice.
    i am more than appreciative.
    i have already started looking into most of the things suggested.
    even if i leave here,
    it feels good to know that out there,
    i have an army of people who have my back.
    something none of these people have the privilege of having.
    i am slowly coming back from the place i “was”.
    back to posting and updating.
    i refuse to feel sad or upset any longer.

    thank you all and so much love and blessings in your direction.


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