someone give diddy a hug for me

some people don’t realize what it’s like to lose a loved one.
imagine losing two parents?
when holidays or special occasions come around,
you can really feel their absence.
i’ve spent the last couple days on the couch,
crying randomly over this upcoming “mother’s day”.
some years it’s i’m good”; other years can be tough.
this is a tough year.
so diddy is still grieving the loss of kim porter,
who died last year of pneumonia.
on the “yes girl!” podcast from “essence”,
diddy broke down while speaking about his first mother’s day without kim…
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the straw that broke michelle williams

poor michelle williams.
i’m being serious.
the poor vixen is going through it.
as you know,
she suffers from severe mental illness,
but now it seems to have been kicked up a notch.
she had to drop out of her broadway play,
“once on this island”,
due to doctor’s orders because of it.
i read this article on “et” and…
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Stop Hurting Me ( #life #sad #hurt #job #betrayed #used )

rainy_path_by_21711-d60m6d0so what triggered everything yesterday?
the letter.
the letter i got in the mail letting me my ui is ending next month.
now i know you say:
“well you already knew that.”
i did.
the letter came at the wrong time especially after the following events.
its a little long read but i hope you read it…

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To Hell With A Mirror; I May Need A Magnifying Glass.


what the hell is going on in this new justin timberlake video for mirrors?…

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