the straw that broke michelle williams

poor michelle williams.
i’m being serious.
the poor vixen is going through it.
as you know,
she suffers from severe mental illness,
but now it seems to have been kicked up a notch.
she had to drop out of her broadway play,
“once on this island”,
due to doctor’s orders because of it.
i read this article on “et” and…

Michelle Williams is stepping down from her role as Erzulie in Once on This Island.

Less than two weeks into the Broadway play’s run, the former Destiny’s Child singer has exited the production per her doctor’s orders, according to a press release shared on Wednesday. Williams was “advised by her medical doctors to take a leave of absence from performing,” per the announcement. ET has reached out to Williams’ rep for comment.

i hear it’s allegedly this one:

…might have been the cause.
according to the “atlanta black star”:

In the days after Michelle Williams announced on her Instagram Story that she broke off her engagement to Chad Johnson, the singer has removed almost all photos and videos of her former fiancé on her account.

Williams revealed Dec. 7 that she was no longer going to wed the pastor she met at a spiritual retreat in Arizona last year.

“I guess I still remain single! Things didn’t work out. The healing that needs to take place is a must! I don’t wanna destroy another relationship,” she said in part in a message that was deleted not long after it was posted.

Williams, who suffers from depression, is said to be “not in a good place.”

The insider also noted that OWN is pressuring Williams to reshoot the final episode of “Chad Loves Michelle” to include that the wedding has been called off. When the singer posted her announcement about her engagement, several episodes of the show were still on track to air.

“She’s not cooperating. She is shut down,” the source said adding that doing reshoots disclosing her current relationship status is “very emotional for her” and “she doesn’t want to relive that.”

i didn’t watch her reality show,
which i wasn’t anyway,
but i heard that you could tell he wasn’t good for her.
it may have been good she did it.
if she didn’t,
she would have married him with rose colored glasses on.

When you wear rose colored glasses,
red flags just look like flags.

i feel for michelle and i hope she can make it through.
she should take a nice long break,
take all her social media off her phone,
retreat to a carribean island,
and blend in with the locals for a while.
on some real “how stella got her groove back”,
but without a “taye diggs” in a bad carribean accent.
i think she is in need a heavy mental vacation for a while.
i’m sending her my foxhole love.

article: et | atlanta black star

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “the straw that broke michelle williams

  1. I’m rooting for my Slaychelle. She even admitted that she never wanted a white man anyway, so there you go. Her new song is so beautiful and uplifting. Let me stream it again.

  2. I love Michelle. Always have. As a person who has dealt with depression myself, I always wondered if the “poor michelle” title that people have given her ever bothered her or triggered her depression. Praying for her. She’s extremely talented.

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