mychal kendricks is back on his big booty (again)

nfl baller wolf,
and big booty extraordinaire,
mychal kendricks can’t seem to catch a break.
so if you didn’t know,
he was dropped when they found out about ( x his alleged insider trading ).
he was picked up by the seattle seahawks shorty after.
he was reinstated to play a couple weeks ago and this happens

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Mychal Kendricks broke his tibia Monday night and is out for the season.

Coach Pete Carroll said he will need surgery for leg and knee issues and will be placed on injured reserve.

“He needs to get work done on his knee,” Carroll said. “He got caught in a situation, just got hit on the outside of his knee, and it got him. In unbelievable fashion, he finished the game. It was early enough, he fought through it the whole time. And this has just been such a difficult season for Mike. My heart goes out to him. He wants to be part of this thing so badly, but he doesn’t get to this time around. We’ll look forward to getting him back next time and keep him with us.”


we gonna have to send some “foxhole prayer” his way.
he might need to jump head first in the river jordan too.
this is him,
about 5 days ago,
talking about being able to get back on the field again:

i pray for a speedy recovery.
and more big booty shots.
as far as the outcome to the alleged insider trading:

Kendricks is scheduled to be sentenced in January. One source familiar with the situation said Kendricks could be facing 30 to 37 months in prison based on federal guidelines and the amount of money involved. It’s possible that Kendricks’ contrition and transparency will help him.

he is way too pretty and stacked for prison.

someone do something!

article cc: espn

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “mychal kendricks is back on his big booty (again)”

      1. There was a message board that mainly focused on NFL players and the women they messed with and allegedly he treated A LOT of women like shit and had them on rotation.

  1. I hope he realizes that his life is out of order for a reason, and hopefully turns it around before it’s too late. He seems like a good guy; wish him well.

  2. How dare you post a story about this guy without showing that ass. You just wasted minutes from my life reading this story…lol

  3. I hope he has that surgery before he goes to prison, he probably already had it, especially since these players usually get surgery not long after an injury. Yea, those inmates will enjoy looking at that booty.

    1. Them inmates probably will be trying to do more than just look at that booty. I remember I read a story about a man who was raped in prison and he said he fought back for a whole year and just got sick of fighting and gave up.

  4. It’s safe to say that he’s a thot who’s on PrEP. These athletes need to just practice abstinence because that PrEP shit softens bones.

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