the straw that broke michelle williams

poor michelle williams.
i’m being serious.
the poor vixen is going through it.
as you know,
she suffers from severe mental illness,
but now it seems to have been kicked up a notch.
she had to drop out of her broadway play,
“once on this island”,
due to doctor’s orders because of it.
i read this article on “et” and…
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michelle williams decided to run for shelter during her storm

we’ve all made jokes about michelle williams from destiny’s child.
from her falling during performances,
or simply not being able to keep up with beyonce and kelly,
she has been the butt of many jokes.
anyone who wasn’t b in that group was the butt of jokes.
i use to say she must be super strong because folk use to go in.
i use go in.
over the years,
michelle has been pretty vocal about her struggles with depression.
she posted on her ig that she seeking help for her mental health issues…

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Keyshia Cole Isn’t Bowing Down To No Beyonce

well beyonce’s new track “bow down” isn’t getting off to a good start.
the majority doesn’t like it and it left it open for criticism.
one coming form:


uh oh…

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so check it.
keyshia cole wants attention.

she has become a straight up bully.
she was sitting on her couch tonight and realized she needed to address michelle….
is this going to be a weekly thing keyshia?????

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Keyshia Cole Learned Tonight!

keyshia cole started out good during the beyonce performance:

…and then when destiny’s child came out

she said this…

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