Keyshia Cole Learned Tonight!

keyshia cole started out good during the beyonce performance:

…and then when destiny’s child came out

she said this…

of course the beyonce fans and hardcore stans assaulted her mentions.
she didn’t give a fuck tho!!!

they called her everything but a child of god on twitter.
read her mentions

i wonder if she will say she was hacked?

lowkey: where were her faithful fans to defend her?

18 thoughts on “Keyshia Cole Learned Tonight!

  1. Keyshia mentioned something that well all know. Michelle isnt that great of a dancer. But the tacky low class way she said it further prove that is is in fact low class and makes herself unlike-able. That fact that it came from an “artist” that hasn’t accomplished nearly as much as Michelle makes it look like shes hating…which she is. Keyshia is barely BET famous while Michelle is a household name due to Destiny’s Child. Facts: Michelle has multiple grammys, #1 albums/records, starred on Broadway multiple times,..and has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Of the aforementioned, Keyshia has none. Some may argue that she may be more talented that Michelle but truth is, Michelle is winning while Keyhia is barely hanging on. Never hate on a bitch who’s trying, especially when you havent even reached her level. Stay mad Keyshia

  2. Keyshia Cole shouldn’t have came for Michelle or any other artist…. Her tweet was disrespectful and she isn’t the best singer in the world. I’m just saying….

  3. I thought it was hilarious. We know Michelle ain’t a dancer and she has been out of commission unlike Kelly and Beyonce but she still held her own.

    Keyshia is just pissed because her last two albums flopped and NONE of her fans came to defense!

    Fuck her!

  4. Keyshia is free to have her own thoughts, but the way she chose to express herself was just classless. For someone who’s supposed to be a wife and mother, she lacks any sense of maturity. And her husband isn’t any better. Misery loves company, I suppose. The crab mentality won’t go away…

  5. I hollered at someone referring to her as an “illiterate hood possum”.

    My soul can’t take it! Its like watching a stoning in townsquare. Lol

  6. This coming from a chick who can only perform if she is standing still lol. Michelle will run circles arounf her. Where is the respect for your fellow artists! Frankie come get your daughter stat!

  7. Really Keyshia? That’s why she is where she is career wise. I lose more n more respect for her each day. It don’t make sense.

      1. I hate ppl coming for Michelle. I honestly think she is a very strong vocalist. Listen to Through With Love Live. She kills it. I always thought she had more originality than Kelly. Se not so far up Beyonces ass.

    1. Because you don’t do that to another artist. Especially when your own shit isn’t up to par.

      We all know Michelle ain’t a dancer.

      …but she is on broadway, while Keyshia is…

    2. I saw a post on tumblr that said “Michelle is like that lame ass cousin that you can’t stand but you won’t let anyone else talk about her because they’re not family” LOL. Even though Keyshia wasn’t lying, it was tacky to tweet it. But hey that’s what I like about her. She does and says what she wants.

      s/n: damn @ Michelle’s mic being turned down so low and Beyonce constantly looking at her to make sure she doesn’t fuck up x_x

  8. Prime example of why Keyshia will never be a star. She isn’t like-able at all. All the exposure she’s gotten from her reality shows hasn’t helped her career at all because they only highlight how much of a bitch she can be.

  9. Another reason this bird will never be invited to perform in a Superbowl. Only way she will go is if she buys a ticket and she can have a seat in the stands with all the other paying guest. That was so tacky for one artist to come for another one especially when their are so many girls in church choirs across America who can out sing her ass on all the days that end in Y. #tacky #low-class #flop

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