YOUR 56th THOUGHT: (56)

beyonce happened.
b took the stage and literally shut the super bowl down for about 20 minutes.
you know i had to ask the foxhole



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24 thoughts on “YOUR 56th THOUGHT: (56)

  1. any questions…..

    It doesn’t matter because the stans are going to hype it up and the haters are going to find something to nip pick about.

    She brought the halftime show back to life! Thanks B’!

      1. Luckey, now you know they were not about to do that shit. Letoya and Latavia are still mad at Beyonce and the rest of the Knowles family from all that shit that took place in the late 90’s.

      2. Actually they are not. They never truly mad at Beyonce and Kelly, just Matthew since they all fired him, they kissed and made up. Letoya and Latavia have said this many times and they have even taken pics with Michelle and Kelly. No lost love there..

  2. The game and the halftime show were both phenomenal! But the national anthem…(looks away)….(runs away)…(finds somewhere to hide)

  3. My first thought; She killed it.

    I wanted to see Jay come out but Destiny’s child was cool tho. It’s been a long time since I seen them perform together.

    S/N: I’m trying to console some 49ers players tonight. All 53 of them are vulnerable as hell. Come here Vernon. Yea, I’ll take good care of him lol. That’s my boo.

  4. Beyonce did a awesome show but Kelly stole the show!!! My god she been eating her weaties and cronbread.

    And being a Saints fan I have this to say Y’all fuck my team season we fuck your Super Bowl because bottom line Tom benson said fuck you pay me. And then he 2nd line out that bitch with a umbrella I’m his hand WHO DAT!!!!

  5. Also the commercials were not that good this year some good but to many CBS show adds. My top 2 the old people Taco Bell commerci and that black fish singing black street

  6. Beyoncè rocked the dome! She showed up and showed out. It’s performances like that that shows why she has the credentials she does in the music industry. Destiny’s Child did great as well. Her performance was dope. Point. Blank. Period!

  7. All I remember was Kelly Rowland. Damn, she was looking good as hell. Saying a prayer for Michelle, seem like somebody turned down her mic, couldnt hear her.

  8. “DAMN Kelly is equally as thick as Beyonce.”
    and the way Kelly popped up out of the floor gave me all kinds of thrill

    1. LOL. No she’s not. She has gotten thicker over the past couple of years but she’s not as thick as Bey. Remember Bey has those hips. No woman in the industry has hips like her. No woman.

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