Maybe The Bad Guys In the Disney Movies Were Onto Something?

were they just misunderstood?
was cruella de vil just a woman with expensive taste?
was ursula just trying to play match maker for ariel and eric?
what about captain hook?
was he just minding his business when a bunch of flying brats took over his boat?

well shit,
i know one thing?
i learned today!

how much is it this time?
hell i lost count.
same story.
i became cool with someone,
was there for them on their lowest…

…and then they shit on me for someone else.
someone who was never there like i was.
trying to use me ya’ll.
aint that about a bitch?
thank god i caught on early.

life is weird.
you can be the good guy and get nothing.
fairy tales always promoted this bullshit positivity shit.
cinderella was treated like shit until she found her prince.
snow white befriended some dwarfs when she ran away.
sleeping beauty slept good through an entire book and woke up to a prince.

i’m tired of being “the good guy”.
i know to some people,
that is a stupid thing to say.
“you should always be the good person!”
oh ok.
well for me,
i am the good guy again and got shitted on.
i’m exhausted.
i have followed the rules for far too long.
all i have gotten is people treating me bad.
hurting me.
betraying me.
not taking me seriously.
maybe i’m stupid?
that’s it.
i’m just fuckin stupid.
just stupid for believing that “good” actually exist.
you can be the walking example of “who to be in 2013!”,
but what about the other person you come in contact with?
the one with that crab in the barrel mentality?
that asshole who just wanted to steal your joy?

you gotta admit how the world is now.
they like the bitches,
the assholes,
the cunts,
the meanies.
people like people who will disrespect them.
break down them down.
make them cry.
ignore them.
sweat them until they quench their thirst.

i often wonder what that is like.
“the other side”.
the bad place.
maybe i should pay it a visit?

ugh whatever.

you wanna know the weird thing?
i never allow a man to treat me bad.
once i sense the wolf is an asshole,
i drop him like a bad habit.
he ends up trying to stalk me.
the ones i call my friends tho?
those “friends” i would drop everything to be there for…
those were usually the con artists and the emotional bullies.

very weird.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Maybe The Bad Guys In the Disney Movies Were Onto Something?”

  1. I always ask myself what would I do different when a relationship comes to an end. This can be either personal or professional. The reason is that you never grow if you place all the responsibility on someone else. Jamari, you got screwed over…but ask yourself was your relationship healthy with this other person? Did he/she do for you like you did for that person? If the relationship was not 50/50, ask yourself why were you in that type of relationship. Is there something in you that needed to feel like you were saving someone?

    No doubt people get screwed over everyday, but often times it is because they put themselves in the situation where that can happen. Going forward you need to look for friendships with people who are willing to give as well as receive. You also can’t truly help someone who isn’t willing to help themselves.

    Chalk this up as a good lesson learned. Good people can still win, as long as the good ones recognize that there is nothing wrong with putting themselves first.

  2. I feel your pain Jamari it’s true nice guys finish last seriously. I always say no more mr nice guy but then I remember don’t worry about man, the world, or others opinions just keep faith in Jah almighty

  3. I know this is a oxymoric sorta thing to say. That may not be a real word but you get the point. I think that you have to pay both sides of every situation. It can be quite conflicting but it works. So be the good guy that have some bad guy tendencies saves you some grief. Either that or hold everyone to the same ethical codes and standards..

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