Everyone Meet A Different Kind of “First Lady”…

remember him?

well he is back.
sort of.
one of his accusers is getting ready to release his book called “First Lady“…

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i’m so confused.
is he really in a wig???
is he attention whoring?
will the foxhole read?

let your fox know what you think…

lowkey: i wonder what happened to the other accusers who were involved?
is eddie still preaching?
any updates?

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “Everyone Meet A Different Kind of “First Lady”…”

  1. I actually saw him the other day on west peachtree it looked like he was heading towards the Atlantic Station Shopping Mall.

      1. Nope, they certainly aren’t. They don’t mind that their pastor’s breath smells like 17y/o dick and booty…

      2. His sunday services are down to several hundred at the most.

        3 of the accusers are quitely living off the money it looks like. This one(which was the most unbeleivable of all) seems to be fishing for 15 minutes of more fame.

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