I’d Like To See This Sex Tape

i love the f-bi.
i have some good ones who send me the intellectual.
i have the naughty ones who need to be spanked.
this one is coming from an attention whore of the past.
you can guess which “f-bi” sent me this.
judging from the pic…

i’m just sayin

i wonder why this “happened“?
is this his “cousin” too?
remember this entry
on that note:

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “I’d Like To See This Sex Tape”

  1. That’s prob. just his boy. I’m serious. Some guys take pics like this with other guys. I don’t know why lol.

  2. They’re probably fucking, that guy in the picture is Duncan James the bisexual member of the British boy band Blue.

  3. The white guy is a member of a (formally) very successful band called ‘Blue’, and he has stated publicly in the British press that he is ‘Bi’. Make of it what you will.

  4. Why is steven taking shirtless pictures with a rich goodlooking gay man? They’re not teenagers and they didn’t grow up together.

    can someone please answer my question. I just don’t see how the two met and what they would have in common with one another if it’s not sex

      1. ^and in their underwear too.
        i predict a healthy back breaking session and after glow photos

        steven beck is trying to find a singing career.
        i’m sure he smashed so he can advance somehow.
        of all the friends he could be with,
        he befriends the bisexual member of the group?
        oh ok.

      1. Well i think he might have a crush on steven and tryin to holla judging by stevens instagram dude is all over it liking all of stevens pictures. He wants it..too bad steven aint payin cutie the time of day.

    1. Yea, he’s been here before, I remember him. I forgot which post it was. I think I liked him tho. He’s cute. Looks like he would be a good boyfriend.

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