i believe that every person,
whether you are a social media star OR trying to be a star,
needs to have media training.
you can simply google to learn the art of how to handle the media and hate.
cardi b is always one to fall victim to her social media hate.
i guess it helps keep her talked about.
for today’s “wtf” moment on her twitter,
it really made her lash out.
i guess someone asked to see her son so she posted his eyelashes.
she got some hate for it and these were her tweets


straight males love weirdo gays who give them money and attention?

so i saw ^that following tweet this morning and felt triggered,
but then i realized something.
so as you know,
a majority of straight wolves get on the internet to show their tails.
a x-ray of their insides.
they’ll be naked as they were born in hopes for gifts and cash prizes.
so naturally,
the gays will be drawn to that.
some of us may throw money like a stripper on a pole,
but then it’s really common sense:

Gays are just paying for their fantasy

their own personal idea of what they’re attracted to,
just as the regular straights to these hoes who don’t want them.
so check it…

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This is Only For Those In The Foxhole Book Club

tumblr_m07psxcno81qdkew5o1_500this week has beeeeeeennnnnnn…

between the shocking death’s of prince and chyna,
and work being a shit storm,
i didn’t get a chance to finish the next chapter in “no more mr. nice guy”.
i’ll post my “break free” answers before the weekend is over.
my apologies to those in the book club.

My Tite Foxhole Should Get 5,000 Likes (Social Media)

tumblr_m8py8v2sit1r1thfzo1_1280i was reading up on this “lamar odom” story today.
the media and “that family” are a dangerous thing.
they are both like a drug almost.
the media being the worst of the two.
one minute it’s praising you for your accomplishments.
the next 15,
they are watching and reporting your downfall.
well unless you have a “cruel de jenner” on your payroll.
for the common animals,
like you and i,
social media is our version of the media.
everyone is watching you,
liking your shit,
and even leaving these amazing comments about your disgusting lookin’ food or bad ass child.
what you don’t realize is once your image gets tainted,
and accusations start flying,
it will become the start of you being yesterday’s news.
if the rumors turn out to be true,
you end up contemplating suicide.
how does one not live without 500-1,000 likes on one picture?
the horror.
the horror!

so i had to wonder…

Why do people want to become famous again?

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“Give Me Attention!” says The Dumb Ass.

tumblr_inline_mr52hayNd51rkqae2everyone one of us loves attention in some way.
no one wants to feel un-wanted.
when you are in the spotlight,
or that someone you are really feeling is feeling you back,
it can be one of the most exhilarating feelings.
you can do and accomplish anything.
it gives you an extra pep in your step.
sadly when that attention is taken away,
or not returned in a way you want,
it can bring out people’s worst insecurities.
in this new age of taking a snap shot/video of everything,
we can get quick attention at a snap of a finger.
too bad its only fleeting.
we have to constantly seek validation from empty sources.
so even tho we know this…

Why do we still search for attention?

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So Spanky Hayes Lied About Tyrese and His Big Mouth?

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.05.50 PMshots fired!
in other “where are you going with this?” news,
spanky hayes explains why he did what he did.
you know him and tyrese got into ( x a little spat ) the other day,
well he even made a response video to the response video:

well spanky did allllllllll this…
to admit today he did it for shock value and attention.
he had a radio interview with and well…
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