straight males love weirdo gays who give them money and attention?

so i saw ^that following tweet this morning and felt triggered,
but then i realized something.
so as you know,
a majority of straight wolves get on the internet to show their tails.
a x-ray of their insides.
they’ll be naked as they were born in hopes for gifts and cash prizes.
so naturally,
the gays will be drawn to that.
some of us may throw money like a stripper on a pole,
but then it’s really common sense:

Gays are just paying for their fantasy

their own personal idea of what they’re attracted to,
just as the regular straights to these hoes who don’t want them.
so check it…

straight wolves will go to a strip club,
just to drop stacks of bread on a vixen who isn’t remotely interested.
they will chase a vixen,
who looks like she was torn out a magazine,
that gives them no play if they’re broke.
as soon as they get money,
that same vixen is suddenly interested and plotting a pregnancy.
so those same “weirdo” straights are paying for their fantasies,
just like gays are doing the same to theirs.
the difference is they’re stuck with that hoe once she gets fat and falls off.
we can move the fuck on once our fantasy is out of season.
don’t let us get the idea he is homophobic either.
he’ll never work in this social media town again.

to go even further,
most of these straight wolves are out here escorting.


straight wolves are playing the same games hoes play.
you’ll be surprised how many straights can be bought for the right price.
they put in work for those extra phone bill coins.


they will do whatever not to be broke again.
some of them don’t even have a resume.
if i ever decided to pay for some dick,
he better be coming with that fire dick for my foxhole.
i might even treat him to dinner after…

…but i don’t pay for dick so womp.

when i post a straight wolf with bawdy,
it’s not in hopes of getting pipe.
i won’t act like some haven’t been in my emails and dms to “talk”.
when i post one tho,
i genuinely think he is attractive,
but i know my audience loves a fine wolf too.
so the wolf gets attention and so do i.
many times,
foxholers have found me  while searching for their fantasies.
more than none,
they stick around and join me on my blogging journey.

every male who has bawdy loves the attention on the internet.
they aren’t just showing #bodygoals and work out tips.
they trying to:

a) get paid
b) get fucked stupid
c) get paid while being fucked stupid

let’s not act like gay attentionistos aren’t as vapid and self absorbed either.
trust me,
i have been running the foxhole for close to 10 years.
some gay males with a lot of social media flex are rude and “too good” af.
i’ve posted numerous of them and never got a “thank you” or “much appreciated”.
some of the straights i’ve posted have reached out with tremendous love.
it is what it is.
so it’s really all about the hustle.
unless you’re homophobic,
i really don’t see the issue.
do you?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “straight males love weirdo gays who give them money and attention?”

  1. Where was the lie in the tweet? lol we have discussed this before on here that gays make up a major part if not all of these straight attention seeking men, and a lot of them see us as easy money because of the gay community obsession with sexy male bodies and straight men. I don’t even think these guys being homophobic matter to some of these gays as long as they’re hot and masculine they can get away with murder these days. How many gay for pay porn actors do we have that shit or have shitted on the community in the past while still taking gay dollars?

  2. Str8 dudes finally caught game. Years ago they hated any attention from gay men on their thirst traps and webcam shows, but now that they realized gay men are the ones putting money in their pockets, they do anything to pander to gays. Reminds me of that fake bisexual trend women went through back in 08-09.

  3. So the question is…will gays actually start investing in their own instead of the Str8 fellows. Based on my past posts, it’s clear I’m not very fond of str8 men. I mean I don’t hate them.

    Even though his tweet was true it’s a little hurtful to watch the community embrace something that wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like sexy men too but the minute they open that mouth and say something dumb..

    Theyre Cancelled!

  4. Jamari, this post is everything! The Children have been supporting the straight males since the beginning of time. Like @MTOFFT stated these wolves know where their help is coming from!! We are the backbone of all of the pay to see apps!! Our dollars matter, but we should only support those that at-least respect the black lgbtqi community!

  5. i understand the hype around str8 men or trade as some like to say but some gays will say ‘i don’t fuck with gay niggas!’ like what?! i don’t understand the gay world sometimes

  6. Listen, as long as straight men make up 9 out of every 10 males in any given group they will always dominate in terms of sheer numbers and thirst trapping. Anyone who suggests we should stop throwing dollar bills at the hetero attention hoes is overreacting. We just need to put the homophobes in check when they reveal themselves and continue enjoying the boys who welcome our attention and our coins. As long as there is a mutual benefit or exchange taking place it’s a win for the hetero hustler and the adoring gay fan.

    1. This comment is so on point!!! It’s just like someone said earlier about men going to a strip club and wasting dollars on naked women. Who doesn’t like to be sexually stimulated? Straight men make up the majority and it’s HARD to find a masculine gay man so we just gotta work with what we got lmao.

      Me myself am not wasting any of my hard earned coins on nothing I can’t physically put in my mouth or in my ass. As long as the show is free then I’m all up in it. Lol

  7. I DONT GIVE a damn what anyone says. If you consent to sex with another man (be damn for money) you are a homo. You can add yourself to the ranks of bi men!

  8. Look I’m not mad at anyone getting that paper do you. I just can’t STAND these homophobes who when they’re broke and homeless take our money one minute doing xxx or showing dick and ass and then once they got stability or get a new career start acting brand new like we don’t exist. Own your shit.

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