if he listened to his spirit, would eli “trueboy” clayton be alive today?

 when our spirits speaks,
we need to listen.
there are times i listened to my spirit and it saved me.
i gotta thank my angels for keeping me protected.
so i know you all heard about the mass shooting at the esports tournament,
which took place down in jacksonville; fl.
it is a huge gamer competition for the football game,
( x read about it here )
well allegedly after losing,
david katz killed two other gamers.
eli “trueboy” clayton and taylor “sportsme” robertson.
it was this tweet from trueboy that was so heart breaking…

very sad.
i wish he would have stayed home.
it’s a shame it all came to this.
i won’t even lie to you,
but some of the gaming community can be so toxic.
i play some games on ps4,
and even though it can be high key competitive,
you will often hear the most vile shit when you turn on your headphones.
you’ll hear someone call you a “n*gger” or “f*ggot” with no fucks to give.
what’s worse it can be from 7 and 8 years olds playing violent ass games.
where are the parents?
most of the times,
i keep my mic off because i can’t deal with the randoms.
may both gamers who lost their lives doings something they love rip.

lowkey: the laser pointed at trueboy’s chest before he died tho…
( x watch video here )
that was chilling.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “if he listened to his spirit, would eli “trueboy” clayton be alive today?”

  1. Some of these video games will lead so many young people to destruction, all of the shooting and killing!!! Not just the ones with violence. I know someone who let’s her boys play them for hours at a time, no outdoors no physical activity, these games destroy the mind.

    1. Eli is in a good place and so is the other guy. They both knew Christ. The one who now will have to answer may be David. I just don’t understand why he would murder them because he lost. Tragic.

      However I do agree with everything you said.

  2. Well Jamari,

    This is the world that humans have crafted and created. This all stems from negative energy. Look at the media, including social media and how it’s geared moslty toward self-absorption and negativity (drama). It’s been a long time since I’ve knowingly ran into my spirit guides in the flesh. When I was kid and when I was in Houston are times I remember, (Houston being a dark period bfor me.)

    Spirit guides do talk to us and they can take “form” as well. I’ve experienced this a few times so be aware of people and even animals at strange times.

    Anyone in the foxhole that has heightned awarness will notice this as well. (Someone out there is listening and researching…,)

    In the midst of all of this…I’d like to add a message about the mark of the enemy (beast). In which it uses technology. Anything negative in the media, including violent video games stur negative energy. I don’t know if some people actually realize it but they are beings of electricity. They believe the games are alleviating their mood. but it works like a supressant.

    Maybe they aren’t aware that energy is connected with the weather too and that tornado season and hurricane season are actually times of judgement. Flash floods and all that are the Earth reacting against negative energy. How can a diaster be “natural”. Try again.

    If you really want to see a devil, take away it’s eartly pleasures. No smartphones, no social media, no Netflix, no games…isolate it from these things. Get rid of what it feeds off of and watch it act up. This is also how you find a snake amongst folks that claim they are your friends.

    When myself and other foxholers reach a ripe old age one day, before then we can only hope and pray that our times are easy. This is only a preview of what’s to come.

    The generations ahead will be merciless.

    Oh yeah.. I think something good is coming to you soon. 😃

    1. ^this is really deep as always jammy!!!!
      i am interested in researching this some more.
      i’m shook.
      i like to think that my spirit speaks to me in many ways.
      the way you broke this down scared me LOL
      i won’t even front

      and i am excited for the last sentence!
      ya know,
      i’m feeling the same way too.
      something good is around the corner.
      i can feel it.

      1. We gonna be alright. I detest seeing people perish but there’s not much I can do. All most of us can do is stay strong. We are living in an era where someone will kill you over an artificial product.

        We are living (repeatingg) an era where Blacks are slaves (only mentally now) but they are being killed and their murderers are getting slaps on the wrist just like in the old days.

        We are living in a era where an alleged white supremacist is at rule.

        Wether we are black or white, male or female, trans and so forth. It’s time to rise up.

        Whenever you decide it’s time to change, you will be challenged by something negative. I guarantee it. It will happen out of the blue.

        “Bad things” may happen but it’s not about what happens, it’s how you respond. If you respond the correct way, you have grown and a blessing is at your doorstep. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck until you do.

        We never stop learning till the day we die.

    2. DAMN! Jammy, u broke that ish ALL the way down, and let’s not forget the MUSIC!!!! It’s all mumble shit, so they can slide messages past your conscious mind, but it can still get to you subconsciously, and none of its positive, it’s all about shooting & killing people with no remorse, treating females horrible (almost to a point of violation) being drugged out of your mind & emotionally dead! I mean THIS IS ALMOST ALL our coming youth has to chose from musically, and everyone in industry throwing up hand “signs” and gestures, the last few years people are becoming more aware something is going on!

  3. May the rest in peace smh

    You can’t even go do things that bring you joy these days without having to fear for your life. I’m just getting back into gaming and I prefer to play alone I rarely play online with others cuz 1.) I don’t feel like it and 2.) The racism, homophobia, and misogyny is too much on there. Like in most places in the real world If you’re not a white straight male you have to worry about shit like that.

  4. I’m in school for broadcast media and of the first rules of a news reporter is to give the information to public in neutral manner. The last several weeks have been unreal to me. This particular mass shooting is tragic, but not surprising. My nephew is a heavy gamer and the dialogue within the community is very toxic!! Just from listening at an announcer describe the shooter from a past competition, somebody should have known that this man was not well mentally. Just sad we lost a Black King to something so trivial.

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