randy bowden jr is coming hard this october

randy bowden jr had the best “sauna” videos i’ve seen.
he would take video clips,
fresh off from working out,
in nothing but a towel.
  his bawdy…
his bawdy…

so randy has been on his modelling hustle for a while.
i am a lowkey lurker in his forest.
 randy will be coming to your tv screens in october.

he will be starring in a multi-character reality show on bet called,
“hustle in brooklyn”,
with his boyfriend,

i had to ask myself:

“Do we really need another reality show?”

…but i’ll def tune in to see this:

i hope he doesn’t end up ruining his mystique.
adhd straight bae”,
baggy large,
will also be joining the cast:

i feel baggy is going to bring the shenanigans.
i can feel it.
“hustle in brooklyn” premieres on bet this fall.

lowkey: i heard randy is a wolf with that good.
i like that.

see more of the cast: hustle in brooklyn

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “randy bowden jr is coming hard this october”

  1. Listen, love Randy! Happy for him and his partner. But, that Baggy Large!!! Whew, Chile!! I’ve been crushing on him for a while. And yes, the shenanigans will be on will that one!!

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