randy bowden jr is coming hard this october

randy bowden jr had the best “sauna” videos i’ve seen.
he would take video clips,
fresh off from working out,
in nothing but a towel.
  his bawdy…
his bawdy…

so randy has been on his modelling hustle for a while.
i am a lowkey lurker in his forest.
 randy will be coming to your tv screens in october.

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Let’s All Stand Under The “Moonlight”

vTkBclMpmGswe might have another “kaldrick king” on our hands…
everyone meet trevante rhodes.
you know what’s crazy?
one of the f-bi asked me to write about him a while ago.
at the time,
trevante was starring in “if loving you is wrong” by tyler perry.
i never watched an episode so i couldn’t really speak on it.
i just knew he was really fine and i’d get back to him shortly.
well i was looking at some trailers and came across one for “moonlight”.
it stars trevante rhodes.
it couldn’t have come right on time.
check it out…
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All The Blacks Want Nothing To Do With Michael B Jordan?

tumblr_nuzvvfn8dX1sevsyjo1_1280so it seems michael b jordan has put his foot down his throat.
he out here looking like a severe “new black”.
one that has officially pissed off a majority of his black vixen fan base.
you know what that means?
the “taye diggs effect” is shortly coming.
broadway and cancelled tv shows.
so michael b jordan’s first problem was an alleged snapchat of him saying:

“all lives matter”

people looked at him crazy after his role in “fruitvale station”.
( x and saying this to oprah )
now there is no evidence of this alleged video,
but that’s the rumor in the fox vine.
you can head over to twitter and read the opinions.
this it where it starts to get ugly.
the question about him dating kendall jenner comes up.
well he goes in the upcoming gq october issue about says this…
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Who Wants To Attend The Circus In October?

ahscircusjamarifoxyou still want to attend the circus?
this is for my american horror story foxholers.
i’m excited already,
even though i don’t want the coven to end.
enstarz has some details of whats to come…
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Idris Elba Walkin’ Round Hea Looking Like The Best Meat On The Menu

tumblr_mtht7fPW9u1rap8elo6_500leg and thighs.
just how i like it.
so everyone should know idris elba right?
i prefer to call him stringer bell.
actor wolf of many dreams and fantasies.
when he busts out with his authentic english accent,
i love every last word and syllable.
i feel like this latest gq interview for october covers a lot of ground.
as well as show how sexy this man is.
it revealed some shit i didn’t even know…

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How To Be Private and Shock People When You Finally Tell Someone

i don’t know if you heard,
but michael ealy is married.

he managed to pull the wool over many vixen’s eyes today.
of course, she isn’t black and the sistas are having a fit.
i heard he wasn’t attracted to black women anyway so…

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