Who Wants To Attend The Circus In October?

ahscircusjamarifoxyou still want to attend the circus?
this is for my american horror story foxholers.
i’m excited already,
even though i don’t want the coven to end.
enstarz has some details of whats to come…

ZgPw2Ev-1Enstars previously reported that American Horror Story season 4 might involve a carnival or circus. There have been many clues that seem to indicate the concept, including an extended monologue from Fiona (Jessica Lange) in American Horror Story: Coven about how “life is a carnival.” American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy said that they might be filming in Santa Fe, which would be a prime location for a carnival set in the old West.

Naomi Grossman, who portrayed Pepper in American Horror Story: Asylum, previously said that her character was based on a real-life sideshow performer named Schlitzie. Schlitze functioned as one of the stars of the 1930s cult classic Freaks, a movie about circus performers. Grossman said that Freaks is a film that Murphy loves, which seems to further indicate that the circus concept will be used for an upcoming season.

tumblr_muhgja6CKk1qzf78ho1_250i hope angela and kathy also make their way into this one as well.
we shall soon see.
needs to put all his energy in this brand and end glee.
glee has pretty much jumped the shark at this point.

read more plus fan trailer on: enstarz

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4 thoughts on “Who Wants To Attend The Circus In October?”

  1. I feel like I haven’t been on here in forever! But Angela and Kathy have been up to mains next season and Jessica will be recurring. My have the tables have turned

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