tumblr_ln98dqy4af1qdkuw4o1_500that got your attention, huh?
well this is not that kind of entry.
one of the f-bi,
left a comment about a blog he wanted me to read.
it was written by michael g,
the owner of black boy addictionz,
who knew the dl chill spot ceo personally.
it actually explains a lot and i wanted to share it with everyone…

I just returned from traveling out of the country to hear the shocking and tragic news that the DL Chill Spot CEO was murdered this past weekend. According to multiple news sources, he was shot several times in broad daylight while shoveling snow in front of his apartment on Saturday afternoon. No arrests have been made and no suspects have been named so far.

An investigation is still underway, but I think it’s fair to conclude that the CEO’s killer was almost certainly a former model, an acquaintance or family member of a former model, or an enemy of his work overall. Ever since his website achieved national attention and local notoriety after being profiled on a well-known black gossip site several months ago, the DL Chill Spot CEO and most of his models have been exposed, harassed, and threatened on an almost daily basis. I know that in recent weeks, the CEO was taking extra precautions to stay safe, but sadly there’s not much you can do to protect yourself if someone is crazy, enraged, and/or determined enough to gun you down in broad daylight.

Needless to say, this is tragic and devastating news for anyone who knew the DL Chill Spot CEO or enjoyed his work.

Even though I never actually met the DL Chill Spot CEO in person, we have communicated on an almost daily basis for nearly two years, and I considered him a friend as well as a business associate. Most of our conversations focused on work, swapping stories about our models and video-shoots as well as discussing goals and ideas for how to make our sites better. But we occasionally talked about our personal, non-porn lives as well, and words cannot express my deep sadness over the sudden and senseless loss of a good friend and confidante who will be greatly missed.

It’s easy to stereotype porn producers as greedy, unscrupulous people who don’t give a damn about their performers. And while I’m sure there are some producers like that, I’ve still yet to meet one and I’ve been working in this business for over six years.

The DL Chill Spot CEO that I knew was a compassionate and generous person who frequently helped out his models even when sex and porn weren’t involved. He took them shopping and out to eat, and sometimes even let them stay at his apartment when their homophobic families kicked them out simply for being gay or bisexual. He was like the father many of these guys never had. If anything, he got TOO close and cared TOO much about the guys that he filmed.

The CEO had a great sense of humor and made me laugh out loud almost every time that we talked. Like me, he was close to his family and spent countless hours over the past couple weeks visiting and caring for a sick relative in the hospital.

We didn’t always see eye to eye and we frequently disagreed over creative choices and our approaches to porn. But we always encouraged and supported each others’ work, even after our business partnership officially ended.

Nobody was more passionate about hot boys and gay porn than the DL Chill Spot CEO. He truly loved what he did, and I admired his drive and determination to be successful and make a name for himself in this industry. He was constantly striving to become a better director and make his new website the best that it could possibly be, asking me almost daily for advice and feedback to his goals and ideas.

The CEO was able to find some of the hottest boys I’ve ever seen in gay porn. His videos might not have been perfect, but they were edgy, fresh, and unlike anything black gay porn had ever seen before or will likely ever see again.

Like a wildlife photographer or intrepid reporter, he took risks that few other porn producers (myself included) are willing to take in order to film the types of guys that one rarely ever sees in gay porn and create the unique types of scenes he most wanted to make (and we most wanted to see). Tragically, pursuing this dream ended up costing him his life.

I have been disgusted and appalled by the callousness and ignorance of some bloggers and others on social media sites who are already trashing the CEO’s reputation and basically saying that he got what he deserved. And these are GAY people saying such hateful things! I’m sure they will say the same types of things if something similar ever happens to me.

If a gay person gets beaten up or even killed as part of a hate crime by people who see that person leaving a gay club late at night, we wouldn’t blame the VICTIM for his own death, or the owner of the gay bar. The blame lies solely with the homophobic assholes who chose to gay-bash an innocent person. Why should this be any different just because DL thugs and gay porn are involved?

Let me set the record straight: The CEO was running a legal and legitimate adult entertainment business. The guys in his movies were CONSENTING ADULTS who were fully aware they were being filmed and signed legal contracts before any filming took place. Regardless of their sexual orientation, nobody was forced to have gay sex on camera, and many of them were simply agreeing to be filmed doing what they were already willingly doing with the CEO off-camera.

The ONLY people who should be blamed for this senseless tragedy are:

1) The selfish coward who pulled the trigger, taking an innocent man’s life;

2) the gossip-hungry gay men and homophobic females who have devoted their pathetic lives to exposing, harassing, and humiliating the CEO’s models;

3) the criminally reckless and irresponsible editor behind the black gossip site that first exposed the CEO’s work to a national audience of predominantly heterosexual and homophobic people for which it was never intended, resulting in the mass exposure and subsequent harassment of most of his models;

4) and last but definitely not least, the pervasive ignorance and homophobia within the urban black community that even in the year 2014 makes parents disown their own children, casually condones and even celebrates violence against GLBT people, and breeds so much fear, insecurity, and self-hatred in so many young black men that they feel driven to the extreme of either killing themselves or others when they are exposed.

These are the people who should be blamed for this horrible tragedy, not the innocent man whose life was violently taken from him without warning while shoveling snow on a sunny afternoon.

It will take some time to fully recover from the shock and sadness caused by the CEO’s death. It’s still hard to believe that instead of catching up with him about my vacation, joking around about who has the best ass between Chippy and Cory, or discussing our goals and plans for the new year, I am composing this sad blog entry about his tragic death.

I hope they find the person who did this and bring him swiftly to justice. And I wish the CEO’s friends and family great comfort and peace as they grieve his loss.  

that was a interesting read.
it sucks this person’s life was taken so viciously.
ironic that a community that knows hate also displays it as well.
and gay
its like most of our people are fuckin miserable,
or blithering idiots.

tumblr_mxbpjrj9XS1r72dfyo2_250sometimes a sad combo of all 3.
i’m also sure there are two sides to this story,
but i hope his killer is brought to justice soon so we can end the speculation.

lowkey: what black gossip site was involved in all this drama?
my spirit says mto.

blog found at: black boy addictionz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “DL CHILL SPOT CEO EXPOSED!”

  1. Man I really in joy watching his movies the guys do look kinda dirty an young but if is a cosent form that is in place parents need to look out more for thereyoung men’s welfare its very sad that a man had to die doing something he loves to do may god bless him

    1. Not trying to be funny. I just saw the first videos he made today. I truly felt bad for the young guy that he sent the other model to get. My heart went out to the young man whose eyes begged for mercy as he was raped. He clearly begged them to stop…with his eyes. Prostitution comes in communities where people prey on theunderprivileged. I’m not saying he got what he deserved but the only thing I could say was that he played a dangerous game.

  2. I love his work and It’s sad that he had to die like that. I’m pretty sure that he did NOT hold a gun to any one of those boys head and forced them to do his videos. They knew what they were doing, NO straight man and/or boy would kiss another man, suck a dick, let another man suck his dick, fuck another man or let another man fuck him for money, those boys (whether too young or not), were well aware of what they were getting into. I’m assuming that he was killed by a family member of one of his “models” or one of his former “models” who saw himself on the internet and was embarrassed by it or maybe some-one from his neighborhood saw that particular video and confronted him about it, and he probably asked the CEO to remove it and the CEO probably refused, so he had to “do him in” hoping that the site would crash as a result of the CEO’s death. It’s very dangerous being a CEO of a porn website that specializes in turning out “straight” boys, these boys are like wild animals, they cannot be tamed. They will fuck you for money then turn around and kill you so that their “secret” won’t be revealed. The CEO was not killed by any other porn CEOs, that was a job done by some-one who realized that they made a HUGE mistake in doing gay porn and wanted that “mistake” corrected, and the only way to do so, is to kill the CEO.

  3. Crazy how we do things with one intention and end up doing something I unintended. We can’t see how it hurts others and then we don’t care even if it does.

  4. Thats Right , its good enough for anyone who is 18 years old and old enough to go to war and get shot in the head, So old enough to be in my bed. If your son or my son wants to get into the adult business i say, go for it!

    As for pimping out anybody, i would think i would have been put out of business a long time ago. Sounds like Zen wants to Go To DR and get some underage Dick.

    By the way my body gaurds are free because my guys love me!!! As for sleazy i think that you.


    1. No, my son will have dignity.He will never become a prostitute.He’ll know to stay away from all you old pimps and johns.I like how you try to rationalize what you do by saying “Well, they do this so I can do this.”My son won’t being going into the army either.18 year old boys and girls aren’t mature enough to make certain decisions.But I guess that’s what you tell yourself so you can sleep at night.

      1. I sleep well every night… I agree with you on not going into the army, Even though i did visit a Military base in Turkey and found all the young men to be very nice and Giving.

        Best To You.

  5. Now Now , Once again we see and hear from all kinds of “Good Christians” who never watch gay porn but know about his site. It seems that Everybody loves Porn, straight and Gay, but hate the producers who make it.

    Michael from BlackBoys Addictionz would not be hated as much if he was black. As for raising the age limit to star in Adult entertainment , lets also raise the Drinking age, Voting Age and the age you can be sent to Prison or put on Death row.

    Dl Chillspot Guy’s biggest mistake was to make videos stating exactly where he was looking for the guys and meeting the guys.” Im here in Queens trying to pick up a guy”. He should know that some unhappy Evil Gossip queen would go looking for the guy and start some shit.

    As for Tajan’s statement that it is the under belly of Porn and that producers and are out to make a profit, Damm Right. Remember we live in a Capitalist society not a socialist. What kind of porn is not under belly? i like my guys on their belly Ass Up and Rockin.

    One other point, Just because you appear in a video from a large studio with HD cams and lighting directors etc, does not mean you are on the “Top Belly” of porn. Porn is a business that makes money like any other business.


    1. Damn right we’ll dislike the producers, it all starts with you.You got some nerve trying to insult somebody.Why don’t you stick to pimping out 15 year old boys in the Dominican Republic.Of course you’d have a problem with me suggesting to raise the age limit in porn.We all know you’d go out of business if they did that.You don’t have to worry though, I’m not expecting people in such a sleazy business to start having standards and morals all of a sudden.

    2. So when they turn 15 ,OOPs I meant 18 we will see YOUR teenage sons”on their belly Ass up” making that good money.

      Because if your company/industry is good enough for my teenage son,cousin,brother,etc than it has to be Good Enough for your boys,Right?

      On their belly Ass up.

      Keep making that money I hear bodyguards can be expensive.Be safe

    3. Wow now the porn producers want to take the high road like they have some type of morals. Bye Felicia I cant with this producer of child porn. J. Samuel your porn is the worst and you can tell its pure exploitation, and what I have seen for free (thank you myvidster) is not that good from the malnourished models to the bad lighting and production. One of your production had a young man with a shitty asshole and you filmed it anyway, just disgusting and the comments on myvidster dragged you accordingly. If you are going to be in the game step up your production. I love porn and watch it all the time but its enough free amateur porn with consenting adults that I dont have to partake in watching your kiddie porn collection but hey you have your market niche and its working for you. Remember all money aint good money, and I will continue to say you all are exploiting these people with little regards for their long term welfare. Yes and oil companies who pollute the environment, Corporation that exploit their workers are just as vile and disgusting as your line of work, so in my book none of you all are off the hook.

  6. I just checked out this guy Michael G’s website.I find it interesting that this White guy is acting like homophobia only exists in Black community .Everything he mentioned in point #4 occurs in non Black communities.White LGBT are disowned by parents,white people celebrate violence against LGBT people,etc
    As far as the point about a Gossip Site exposing them.It is 2014 anyone who thinks they can do porn whether Gay or Straight and nobody ever finding out is naive or stupid.There are too many free porn sites.With Twitter,IG,FB,etc you cant keep the videos a secret and you can never remove them from the internet.Thats a fact
    On the DL Chillspot site they say “We make Straight Bait Porn.Straight Bait is a heterosexual that is seduced by a homosexual into having sex with them”.
    If that is true than they were playing fire IMO


    1. These guys knew what they were doing they were tricked,if they were that straight why not do straight. They wanted dick and ass.

  7. It was Mediatakeout, but one who reads MTO all the time I never seen the story on there. I have been keeping up with the story on Luckey’s Blog where I first heard about it and saw this letter. I cant with Michael Gillete the owner of Blackboyaddiction who wrote this blog. Both of these dudes exploit young black men for great profit and not caring about the long term consequences of what happens when the money is spent, the dope is smoked and they are back out on the streets in an unforgiving homophobic world. They are busy looking for the next trick to make money on and repeat the pattern. These porn producers are capitalist at the end of the day and they dont care about nothing but money. With the internet I have seen the dirty underbelly of the porn world were you have so many attractive beautiful Black men who are willing to literally sell their souls for a few pennies and be filmed and degraded and only viewed under the prism of their dicks and Black skin and nothing else. I just cant blame the big bad wolf aka the White man for this because you have just as many Black studios doing the same thing, this unfortunate soul being one. Exploitation by any race is just wrong. We will probably never know what really happen, because sad to say, being a Black man murdered in New York a Gay one at that is not going to take that much priority with Law Enforcement. This is a sad tragedy but hopefully some good can come out of it, like why is it so easy for our Black males to fall victim to this type of exploitation, we rarely want to look at the underlying causes of poverty, racism, and a whole host of ills that plague our community.

    1. It was actually BGC as well because he used that site for promotion in the forums and it was a heavy set guy pretending to be the owner. I remember when micheal videos first came out people, blew up on dgsource and BGC, and once again, I pray for him and his family.

  8. When I read his comment about porn producers, I did the exact same eye roll as that gif.I guess pimps really do love their hoes… (sarcasm)

    The DL CHILL SPOT CEO probably convinced the wrong man to do that porn shit.They really need to raise the age limit on porn because 18 year olds don’t really think clearly.You can’t just dump adult responsibilities on them and expect them to make the right choices.They’re still teenagers.

    Not that that’s what happened.Just speculating.

    Anyways, he’s gonna have suspects and motives out the wazoo because he dealt with so many people in such a dirty business.

      1. “You live by the sword and you die by the sword.” The entrepreneur new very well the positive & negatives of Exposure, consensual or not.His clients well they made a choice, whatever the reason. Sometimes notoriety and or/fame can be a dangerous thing. One must be mindful of the beds we make, sometimes life will make you lie in it.

    1. I agree 100%, you can downplay his business dealings all you want, but I remember when he was just an xtube sensation, and would post videos flipping the bird to all his haters. You have to assume that if someone films videos which what he broadcasted as gang members, I’m willing to bet it had absolutely nothing to do with his business, because there are tons of porn executives who aren’t getting gunned down. I think when you take a gang member, broadcast their gang affiliation, and post multiple videos saying F— all your haters, maybe it was time to hire bodyguards, and maybe not be in broad daylight by yourself. This man, though he didn’t deserve to die as no human being does, we cannot ignore the disrespect and arrogance he boldly broadcasted. Let’s not pretend that he was this professional businessman, he was very unprofessional. Contracts don’t make you justified, respect does. Everyone in every industry on this Earth will have a group of people who disagree, or dislike, you don’t go online and publically disrespect them, especially, and I can’t say this enough, ESPECIALLY when your main recruitment is gang members, in the state of NY nonetheless. No he didn’t deserve to die, but call a spade a spade.

      1. Thank you, well said. There are a lot of dead people out there because of their stupidity and arrogance. I’m insulted as a gay man that anyone would try to make this out to be a hate crime against gays. The CEO was nothing more than a pimp exploiting the weaknesses of young boys desperate for money. About nine years ago I was out shopping for porn and stumbled upon what looked like a very cheap thrill. I bought it for 17 bucks. The models were from the same neighborhood where I grew up. They were uneducated and young. Most of whom probably haven’t been more than 20 miles from where they grew up. I’m ashamed that I watched some of that shit because the boys clearly were not enjoying themselves. And now its all plastered all over the internet. He called out the Crips And Bloods by name and dressed some of the boys in gang colors displaying gang signs. This in the neighborhood where gang wanna’ be’s are just looking for a way to earn their colors. He invited them to his house giving instructions how to get there. STUPID.

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