King James Got Me A Job!

-1-9well not exactly.
so i had a dream last night that king james got me a job.
i guess i was in the right dream at the right time.
this is how it went down…

so i was with king james,
his wife savvanah,
dwyane wade,
and some chick who was NOT gabby union in miami.
i remember it being warm and sunny.
we were all out on this deck of some sort.
savvanah was angry with dwyane and all his foolishness,
but me and king were talking about last year and all the struggle it bought.
so i was telling him that i need a job and if he knews any place that was hiring.
he said:

“well they are hiring at the nba office here in miami.
you should apply.”

so then i said:

“but lebron i have been applying to jobs with no response.
that kind of job i would need your help.
you are lebron james.
nba super star.
if you put in a word for me,
i would get the job in the quickness.”

i could tell he was a little hesitant,
but he said he would.
he told me to be ready early the next day and dressed for an interview.
the dream fast forwarded to him and me walking in some office.
he went off to spoke to someone and i literally got the job that day.
the joys of knowing connected people.
all i remember is me saying:

“thank god this is over.
i have a steady check coming in now.”

i started the job that day.
it was in a lab of some sort where they were processing lab work.
lab work at the nba office?
i didn’t ask questions because i had a job.
either way,
i was working with these white ladies who were very friendly.
i remember we are all in this office area being all white.
you could step outside on a porch to sit and take a break.
one of the ladies was sitting out there and randomly mentioned:

“your friend is here.”

i looked around confused,
but when i looked,
this bee was following me around.
it felt like it was star fox and thats when i woke up.
for some reason,
i have an attitude today.
maybe it was looking in my checking account right after i woke up.
life would be amazing if i had those kind of “king james” connections.
someone who know i’m good for it and will help me anyway they could.
people i could call when shit is hectic and they’re on it.
being alone and starting over sucks donkey balls,
but i feel my breakthrough is coming soon.
something great is gonna happen to me.
i have to hold onto that.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “King James Got Me A Job!”

  1. What a dream man. How ironic that it was in Miami? That lab shit probably was paternity tests being done for Dwyane and his village of “alleged” kids lol. Make sense now?

    Something is coming for you soon man. A positive dream is a good sign.

  2. I agree with TheMan it could be a good sign. I read about dreams could tell us about our future sometime, so this could mean you are moving to Miami eventually.

  3. I agree. Something good is going to happen for you real soon! Maybe Florida is where you need to be. If you have another dream like that, you should really pay attention to it. Dreams can tell us a lot dude!

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