The Haves and The Have Nots of Being Mary Jane

tumblr_m05btxpRba1qzhtgdo1_500so as you know,
last night started off with two much anticipated season openers.
“the haves and the have nots”  and “being mary jane”.
 my television viewing is over booked.
i promised i would give my thoughts so here we goooo….

hhn-jan-7x watch it here

  • could amanda walk her ass in the house fast enough?
    how much reassurance does one need?
  • i love how katheryn calls candace “9”.
    i “note to self” that for my contact list for future wolves.
  • the arguments between jim and katheryn are pretty funny.
    she still wants that “D” tho.
  • i was hoping hannah’s wig made an appearance.
  • hannah looks like she should be an extra in “12 years a slave”.
    aaawww c’mon you know you was thinking so too.
    i never noticed how serious his body is.
    i may put his queeny moments to the side.
  • veronica needs a new wig.
  • so candace’s spirit animal is her transvestite cousin?
  • i hope jeffery doesn’t start wearing booty shorts and voguing.
    candace looks likes she is waiting to turn him out.
    although how cool would “a male candace” be?
  • didn’t see that twist involving wyatt killin that crack head’s kid too.
    i was lowkey waiting on the father to say:
    sadly it didn’t happen.
  • if that reverend started to pray,
    i probably would have rolled my eyes.
    at least they didn’t sing a negro spiritual in the waiting room.
    you know how tyler do.
  • NO BENNY????
    *slight temper tantrum*
    all in all,
    it lagged at times.
    i felt sort of underwhelmed,
    like some scenes were entirely too long,
    but i know it is just the first episode.
    it seems the action picks up next episode.
    i’ll be there!being_mary_jane_ver2_xlgx watch it here
  • how amazing was that bob dylan quote?
    i had to put it in my evernote for a future entry.
  • who was that random chick who tried to kill herself?
  • that wolf that was back at mary jane’s spot looks like a drug free joe budden.
  • “gay is the new black.
    no one cares.”
    for white and exxxotical men,
  • the gay friend is kinda fine.
    he was finer in blue hill avenue with facial hair and a gun.
  • ima need her to have a proper escape procedure.
    fumbling with your seat belt mj?
  • omari hardwick is what god make from his most expensive clay.
    i had to do a silent prayer to god for making a wolf that fine.
  • her mama is annoying.
  • doesn’t kara looks like a mature evelyn lozada?
    okay fine.
  • the wife showing up at the office>>>>
  • “does he make you cum?”
    “does he go down on you?”
    go BET go!
  • that whole “exploit the family for ratings”?
  • loved when she slammed the phone down and voice control didn’t recognize.
  • loved how she asked joe budden’s doppleganger those questions.
    i peronally thought he was getting head in the car.
    my mind, i know…
  • i must be a hoe because omari have to smash me regularly.
    married or not.
    god is still working on me.

i am pretty much sold on this show.
i had to seperate the ratchetness that is gabby u and mary jane tho.
caught myself side eying a few comments mary jane made.
i feel that i can relate to being mary jane.
male or female,
that is the life of a professional.
dating sucks,
your family are idiots,
and your career is trying at times.
i like what it’s bringing to the table.
it’s a good time for black american actresses on tv!


lowkey: pretty little liars started off okay.
love that ali is alive and ezra is a creep.
i also watched the first episode of sleepy hollow.
i can dig it.
the acting in single ladies is so bad,
i can’t even see myself watching anything past that season premiere.
i may only tune in for the fine half naked wolves,
but EVERYONE needs to find an acting coach on that show.


11 thoughts on “The Haves and The Have Nots of Being Mary Jane

  1. I havent jumped on the have and have nots yet but being mary jane gives me life!!! i love everything about that show. it is very well written. and mary jane needs to stay away from that married man!!! i do not approve but he is fine! lol

  2. that gif of my boo Cam’ron made my day…haven’t seen the premieres of the these two shows yet in full, i caught mary jane in bits and pieces i have to watch it again

  3. That scene with Candace and Amanda did seem long af. Candace checked Katheryn over and over lol. I may get judged for this, but Candace reminds me of myself at times. The way she uses her looks to get what she wants, the way she checks people, and the way she is always uplifting others and showing them that they do have power. She slept with someone to get that will too lol.

    I love how Jim disrespects his wife, I know that’s wrong, but he sounds so funny. “Shut up Katheryn” lol

    Jeffery was fine last season. Where you been Jamari? When he sat up on that couch showing them muscles, I was like “He bad af.” My pipe is ready for that dude lol. Finally we saw the Harrington’s at home, one of you mentioned that lol. At first, I didn’t even notice that we did not see their home last season. Katheryn and Hanna get into it this season as well, and Hanna and Saline catch fade, I caught that scene lol. Can’t wait.

    Being Mary Jane was good. I was in disbelief that the wife showed up at the office. The questions she asked her were a little personal, and Mary Jane was shocked lol.

    Loved the eye candy as well.That Omari Hardwick can is my man. Damn he’s fine.

  4. Haven’t seen Being Mary Jane yet. On The Have and The Have Not, oh you right Jeffrey got hot all of a sudden like his handsome face, skin complexion, muscular, nice voice, and now I am curious between his legs! Omg I love Candace and she is my spiritual animal, but I can’t stand her mother Hannah because she act so high and mighty plus I get the feeling she’s prejudice cause look at Candace and look at Benny and we know how the black community are when come to color.

  5. I loved every part of being Mary Jane last night. This is such a good role for gabby. I love how everything around her was of substance (her house, car, and her looks). Everything had a “I work hard and play hard” kind of feel to it.

    PLUS…… she get two Fione ass men

    1. ^and mikey her car?
      i guess she is black version of “carrie bradshaw”.
      i love that post it note idea too.
      the show is low key inspiring in a professional way.

  6. I had to skip through your Haves and HaveNots portion cuz I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon just yet. As a matter of fact, I’ll do that now. But Being Mary Jane gave me every bit of love last night. Its pace is a bit slow for me but Its a breath of fresh air from such fast paced shows like Scandal and AHS where something is happening a like a minute. Looks like I’ll need to stock up on my some every Tuesday.

    But I like Mary Jane because I find myself in her. Love life in turmoil. Can’t help going back to that Bad Habit or that drug that you KNOW is bad for you. I was literally screamin at the screen “DONT KISS HIM”. But knowing that sometimes you dont have the will and strength to listen to that voice when youre so alone and wanting that comfort, affection and sex. Ugh. I hate even saying it. But ill be tunin in.

    SN: Most of those questions you have are answered in the movie That acted like a pilot as to who people are and whatnot. And thats damn good too.

    1. ^you feel me FPF!
      i felt mary jane’s struggle.
      i don’t remember that chick from the pilot.
      the one who commited suicide.
      i may have to watch it again.
      gabby u did a good job tho.
      i wish her success because i’ll be tuning in.

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