We Are All Liars

tumblr_ltw3kqST4p1qmechno1_500we are all liars…
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Thomas Q. Jones is What (Wet) Dreams Are Made Of

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 11.44.15 PMthomas q. jones is “look at god”.
if i had a vagina,
it would be in shambles.
he is the wolf you thot for real heavy.
why are all the fine ones straight?
well ever since he debuted as “the cutty buddy” on “being mary jane”,
he has been the talk of the forests.
every vixen i know was hooked.
hell even wendy williams had to ask who he was.
let me give you guys a reminder of why he does what he does…
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Thomas Q. Jones aka Cutty Buddy Breaks The Internet

CCB_aQ8XIAA8jD7i can’t deal…
i just can’t.
well tonight was the second to last episode of “being mary jane”.
it was titled “#cuttybuddygrrrl”.
it showed a little more of brandon aka cutty buddy,
which is played by thomas q. jones.
he seems to be the reigning fan favorite.
david who?
andre what?
cutty buddy gets the twitter timeline poppin’.
i kid you not.
look at the retweets.
well she ended up choosing sheldon,
played by gary dourdon,
over cutty buddy in the end.
le sigh.
she obviously was drinking when she made that decision.
so lets pour a little likka out for the cutty buddy…
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Let Go Of Your Cray

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 6.54.10 PMi realllllllllllllly enjoyed “being mary jane” last night.
i mean i love it every tuesday night,
but last night really got me.
and how amazing was the erykah badu soundtrack tho?
anyway it didn’t have any gratuitous sex scenes,
nor did it have any other fine wolves to speak of,
but it did have a lot of finding herself and closure.
you know i’m all for a good soul searching session
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Thomas Q. Jones: The Ultimate Cutty Buddy?

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 11.10.52 PMthomas q. jones is what you call “platinum pipe”.
i remember him from when he was a baller wolf on the ny jets.
he also use to date meagan good before she got married.
well he made his acting debut on “being mary jane” tonight.
he was her “cutty buddy” aka “11pm to 3am entertainment”.
he was also naked and his bawwwdy was on fleek overdrive.
lets get into a quick dossier of thomas…
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Your Parents May Know You Like Boys

tumblr_inline_ndasa2K2GL1sh5zsy…are ya?
​your parents.

aren’t they scary?
i know for some of us,
the thought of telling them we like men makes you break out in hives.
after watching that episode of “being mary jane” last night,
i did not see that twist coming…
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