We Are All Liars

tumblr_ltw3kqST4p1qmechno1_500we are all liars…

well we are taught to be professional liars.
our parents taught us how to lie.
we are taught to never let people know the truth.
the real truth.
 playing pretend will get people to people like us more.
if we are sad or lonely,
we need to make people believe we are happy.
i mean that is the better option right?
that leads to more likes and status.

i’m honest about my feelings on the foxhole.
i could lie and tell people that i’m happy.
that i go out every night and dance on bars.
i could make it seem like i’m this “pimp”.
i go through wolves and land on long dick every night.
hell i could lie that i don’t have complicated feelings for a straight wolf.
that he is never ever ever on my mind.

i choose to be honest.
honesty on this site has kept me from killing myself.
 lying to make myself seem “better” actually sucks.
like who am i impressing?
who really cares?

i’m glad that “being mary jane”,
one of my absolute favorite shows,
tackled the issue of lying about our “mental health” tonight.
her friend lisa,
a character who battled depression and attempted suicide,
actually went through with it successfully.
mary jane had a nice speech at her eulogy about “lying”.
it inspired me to write.
its that in the black community,
we are taught to keep our feelings to ourselves.
males especially.

“oh you’re too emotional.”
“no one wants to hear you are sad today.”
“you are too blessed to be depressed!”

that the whites are the only ones to have emotions.
you know we joke that when they have a issue,
they are quicker to kill themselves.
well it seems as times change,
more people of color are breaking that stereotype.
i guess we can’t keep up with our lies anymore.

look i’d rather be honest than plot my suicide.
i’d rather release all my emotions than bottle them up anymore.
i would rather be dragged for my opinion than pretend to follow.
see that is the main problem with a society of liars.
once the truth is out about someone,
or the truth that was hidden beneath the surface,
we act all shocked and appalled.
maybe if we stopped lying to each other,
and start telling the truth about whats going on in our lives,
then maybe we can get the help we need.
 lets face it
some of us are really crying out for help.

the temper tantrums
the stagnant lifestyles

the constant broken relationships
the addiction of looking for lust to turn into love

we would rather suffer in silence than be completely honest.
just a thought.condesending-oprah_zps209e94cdgoodnight foxhole.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “We Are All Liars”

  1. Great episode. Once a guy at my job jumped from the parking deck and splatted on the ground. I never found out who exactly it was, but I was hoping that if I had encountered him that I was nice to him and reflected my blessed life. It touched me that I couldn’t give him a glimmer of hope before he jumped.

  2. I am a liar. I lied about my situation with my boyfriend Shawn Thomas Capell. I hid the truth that I was the downfall of our relationships and I am living with it now. I was exposed that I was indeed the cause of our fail attempt of a relationship. I take full credit of my relationship issues and for that I am sorry Mr. Capell. I am sorry for being a bitch to you and not enjoying the time we share as a couple. I am sorry that I am not perfect and that I pretend to be perfect for you. I love you so much and it is scary, but we will get through this and whether the storm together as we always do. You are the definition of what a man is and how to govern in a relationship. This is my truth and I am sharing it with the foxhole.

  3. Glad you were able to watch this episode. I knew you would put out some realness with that one and you know you can always vent on this platform. I completely agree with you, we lie way too much to everybody. I’m guilty of it and keeping everything inside too. Working on changing that one step at a time.

    s/n: Have you watched the first two episodes also? I really want to know what you think of Loretta Devine’s character and the plot they’re starting on. I can tell this season’s gonna be good.

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