We Are All Liars

tumblr_ltw3kqST4p1qmechno1_500we are all liars…
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For someone who claimed the story was false….
For her Barbz and Kenz to tweet box anyone who smelled “bullshit”…
For my jump-off Wolf SB to say, “ya’ll shouldn’t believe anything the media tells you...

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“You Don’t Have To Lie Craig!”

Have you spoken to him?

What about them?

Well, I have and I learned two things talking to all of them:

I have excellent ass taste in men and, they were fucking liars.

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Liars, Tigers, and Bears

I’m scared of Liars, Tigers, and Bears.

I will admit it.
All 3 of them can hurt you in some way.
The first one is the worst one of them all.
Got you looking like an pure idiot and not telling you.

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