Liars, Tigers, and Bears

I’m scared of Liars, Tigers, and Bears.

I will admit it.
All 3 of them can hurt you in some way.
The first one is the worst one of them all.
Got you looking like an pure idiot and not telling you.

I am the shit when it comes to being a friend.
It gets no better than this.
I will give you the shirt off my….
…..well, out of my closet.
I ain’t going THAT far my dude.
But if I am your friend,
I’m there.
But …
if you do stupid shit to me,
I will talk about you to your face and behind your back.

Honesty right there———^^

I am a pretty honest bottom and a pretty honest friend.
Sometimes, too honest (that is starting to change).
I expect the same from my friends and dudes I fuck with.
I give a shit less.
They can lie to me about whatever they want.
I keep all associates on side eye watch.

I, myself, have told little white lies here and there.
Nothing so great that it would cause judgment in my character.

But the more honest I am,
the more I am lied too especially by my people (yes you, and you, and DEFINITELY you)

I need to join suit and become a full fledged lying ass nigga also.
It seems to run rampant in my circle of friends.
Got me feeling like if I had a man,
a fine ass man that appealed to all bottoms,
would they sneak and fuck him behind my back … then smile in my face after they wipe the nut off their face?

I went there…

I can’t stop anyone from lying to me.
Sometimes people lie to me because they are scared I will judge them.
Others lie because they have no self esteem and feel they need to put on a front
to impress me.
While the rest lie because lying is fun and it makes them feel good.

All I want is the truth.
That is all.
I do not ask for much.
I am pretty straight forward.

As much I can see right through the lies,
it makes me sad and angry.
Alot of the times,
It makes me not want to trust anyone and keep people at arms length.
Even people I knew for a long time.

This blog is not just dedicated to ONE person.
But actually a whole list of lying ass muthafuckas who aggravate me with theĀ  redundant ass stories and the immature tales like I am in junior high….

Just stop it.

Forreal, just stop it,
Wake the fuck up and smell the coffee.
Bad enough this lifestyle is FILLED with liars.
I do not need it on the phone or in my circle.
I am honest with you so be real with me.
I am not here to judge because I am not perfect.
I may look at you like you are a fucking idiot and that is okay.
You tell me something that will make me look at you like that,
and I will.

I see no issues when people do the same when I am talking out my ass.


That is it.

… or I am going to teach you how to treat me.
I am going to lie to you and let you see how that shit feels.
Even though two wrongs do not make a right,
I get my muthafuckin way and I ain’t having it.
Make you feel the hurt when I am detangling your lies like fucking Head N Shoulders 2 in 1.

So either be honest with me or pay the price and trust me, I can be a sneaky ass vindictive bottom and I know you do not want that … right?

I didn’t fucking think so.
So get with the program and stop.
Just stop.


2 thoughts on “Liars, Tigers, and Bears

  1. I totally agree.
    Life has enough issues than to deal with bs.
    Get rid of them.
    The right ones are around the corner.

  2. Damn, I just finished a post on a similar topic myself…I really feel you on this man. It’s very frustrating dealing with all these dishonest and insincere dudes that are supposed to be your friends. Just a few days ago, I was examining my circle and realizing that many of those fuckers FAIL epically. They’re sneaky and disloyal and I’m about to drop their shady asses.

    It’s tempting to want to join them in their lying spree, but it might be better to just drop them all together. No use in compromising your character on a count of those clowns.

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