Club Velvet Walls = Cover Charge.

We layin’ up.
He feelin on my booty.
I’m feelin’ on that fat dick.
He suckin’ on my neck.
I’m ready to let him inside…

He gon’ look at me and ask if he can fuck me raw?
I show him the GATDAMN door.
You think I’m playin?

I always like to think of the hole in between my booty cheeks as a club. An exclusive club that only certain qualified act right kats get to attend. I call it “Velvet Walls”. These other bottoms using their clubs as an all access pass with free food and drink, with maybe room and board.

Uh, not me.

I make sure that the atmosphere is right. The vibrations from the beats are bumpin’. I also make sure the club is clean and presentable at all time. You do have to be (now) 20+ to get inside. To get deeper, you have to be a frequent club attendant to get VIP privileges.

Any attendee has to pay a cover charge. No if, ands, or my butt cheeks about it.

Realistically, fucking raw feels great (so I have heard). Niggas slip up and fuck any ol negro raw because of a multiple of reasons.

He cute.
He has money.
I want him to like me.
I want him to still like me.
I said he wants to get me pregnant (from your ass, you idiot?)
I am allergic to latex
I spoiled him fuckin raw once so I have to keep it up
I want to feel his nutt shoot up in me
His dick is too big
He is my man and he never cheats on me
I want him to feel how good this good good is raw
My ass is too tight
I’m a fucking idiot and I need to be tasered on sight

Blah, blah, blahnot Mister Fox. I watch the news and see the statistics. I refuse to be one of the idiots who slipped up carelessly. I refuse to have a situation where I can never fuck again. I refuse to be a DUMB ASS TRICK NIGGA. Yeah, I said it.

I had countless dude’s ask to fuck me raw, fuck me raw and then put the condom on after a few thrusts (they wanted to feel the walls before they put the condom on), and my favorite – the blatant skeet all up in me and around my bootyhole request———————->

Can I ask a question? and this may come off harsh….


This goes especially to my REAL DL niggas out here, checking me out. Bad enough they have sistas paranoid because a few careless niggas gave some of them HIV.

We gon’ talk later DL cats…. I got a bone to fuck with you…

But anyway, am I the only one getting the warnings about HIV and STDS? Am I the only one who knows a couple people who have AIDS and see the effects?

Shit am I the only one who HATES taking pills and cannot swallow pills like that?

I will not front, I get scared to go get tested. Even though I am not loose with my shit, I still get the “whats” and the “whys” going through my head, waiting for the results. You age like 2 years waiting on HIV and STD results I swear!

People use to laugh at me because I would only give head with a condom on. I did. I was terrified of putting any random raw dick in my mouth. I stopped but the only way a nigga is getting head from me is if he eats me out but more importantly, after I inspect the penis and make sure there is no situations on that situation, feel me?

WhatDAFUCK do I look like with sars all on my lips?

I refuse…

I need for all my Bottoms and Tops to know that AIDS is no joke. You have not seen someone suffer from it. People are WAY too wreckless in 09. The stories I hear make me want to shake my head and then put my foot up in the story teller’s ass. I know a few people who got AIDS and do not even know who gave it to them.

Every Tom’s un-protected Dick was up in their Hairy ass and now they scratching their head with the dumb nigga look like “Duh, Where did he go? Where did he go?”

So, um, get with the MUTHAFUCKIN’ program.

I personally think that if you give HIV to anyone, you should get your ass kicked Big Momma and family style. In the streets getting a good ol fashioned ass whooping … but then again, they may bleed and then everyone gets HIV.

I’ll tweak that beat down later…

Now to my tops interested in Jamari: if you are trying to FUCK me, and you know you want to, you WILL be fucking me with a condom on. I do not care how you want to feel the Velvet Walls unprotected. I am sure they feel good on that dick of yours but sorry. I do not care if you become Daddy and think that is part of the benefits package. There will be no raw ass fucking here.

Never say never but dammit, I will try.

And if you plan on cheating on me to get some raw sex from some idiot bottom. Go right ahead. I can’t stop you but please, break up with me if you plan on living your life carelessly. I love mine and refuse to suffer at the hands of some disease that has no cure.

Got it?