I Want To See His 145th

So I went to pick up a few things at Path Mark the other night
and for whatever reason,
the lines were in the aisles.
I was tite as hell because I wanted to get in and out.
I threw the things I had ontop of the cantaloupes and stormed out …
… when I saw him.

He was about 5’11 with a nice build.
I couldn’t really tell because he had layers on.
He was light skinned but the summer darkened him a little.
He was wearing a red Yankee Fitted and some red and white Adidas.
He looked fresh but as I looked at him … something was telling me I knew him already.
I could not put my finger on it (although I wanted to put more than my finger…)

I had to ask myself if we fucked before.
I know… that was vulgar.
I was confused but he was FINE.
As I started walking towards the exit,
I heard this chick say:

“Isn’t that Jason from Harlem Heights?”

That was Jason from Harlem Heights.

Daggone it,
I was crushing on him on the show and in person,
brotha man was FINE AS FUCKIN’ HELL!
I loved his swagg and the way he spoke ….
Straight 100% Harlem dude.
Something about a dude from Harlem…
I thought ol boy was short but he is a lil taller than me.

I took my ass back in that damn store so fast.
Got a cart and went to “shop” …. but really eye fuck his ass to death.
I didn’t want to be too obvious so I stayed in particular aisles while trying to get good glances.

I needed that….

As luck would have it,
I lost him and thought he left the store.
As I was coming out the laundry aisle,
he was walking towards me.


I looked at him and he looked at me … but he looked off.
Straight, I guess.
We had our moment though.
When I was standing in the line,
he actually came towards my line but nothing happened.
He went back to go shop.
These two females were dripping when they saw him
plus they were fucking up his incog-negro.

…but if I would have gotten that,
I would have let him have the business that night with no questions!

I know it is hoish but hey, it’s being real.
Bottoms give it up to ugly dusty niggas on the reg easy …

He was fine and something going on for himself …

If only he got down.