“You Don’t Have To Lie Craig!”

Have you spoken to him?

What about them?

Well, I have and I learned two things talking to all of them:

I have excellent ass taste in men and, they were fucking liars.

I was on Thug Rugged earlier, getting my fineness fix, and saw all their pictures in months earlier.

“OOOOHHH MMMM GEEEE….” I said outloud, thanking God that our interactions didn’t last longer than a couple long drawn out conversations.


or until proven gay/DL.


Someone explain to me.
It always confuses me.
Is it done for the thrill?

I always wonder what was the point of it? I mean, are you THAT ugly that you need to become another man (or woman)?

And another thing that bothers me! You go and steal this person’s picture to meet people online. Okay, cool. Sounds harmless. But lets say you meet someone along the way that you could really kick it with. Your PERFECT someone. You talk to them online, but how long do you really plan on keeping up with the charade?

True Story: I know someone who went to Florida from up north to go meet a dude they had been speaking too online for a good 6 months. It was actually a surprise. Well, the friend of the fake called my someone and told them the whole story. The fake admitted to the first class fuckery, but decided to meet my someone in a public location.

Yooooooo………….. my someone told me that they were missing teeth, gear was wreck less, and also confessed to living in a trailer. Looked NOTHING like the dude in the picture. I mean so much down to skin color being different. My someone was about to bust their ass right there and then. I would have.

I am a strong believer that if you go around stealing pictures, and the person you were lying too is all for poppin’ your lip, I say you deserve it!!!! No one wants to be lied too.

So, if you decide to meet dudes off the chat sites, here are a few tips from Jamari:

1: Never trust that Sexiest Online shit on BGC.
2: Cute boy + Down Lo + Open Pics = A debacle waiting to happen
3: When you start getting heavy, demand recent pictures.
4: A picture with them holding a piece of paper with their screen name written on it wouldn’t hurt.
5: Never trust a phone voice.
6: If they are hesitant to meet you; start asking questions
7: If your gut tells you something ain’t right, it’s probably not!

And finally, BE CAREFUL.
Crazies prey on the foolish.
You may think you have come up with some fine dude, but you could be led into a trap.

Not saying that gay/bi/DL dudes CANNOT look like the dudes in the stolen pictures, because I have met/messed with/got smashed by dudes like that. There is hope. Not all gay men are ugly or feminine.

Later Foxes

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5 thoughts on ““You Don’t Have To Lie Craig!””

  1. Thats why i could never do the whole online dating thing. Its too easy. And when something is too easy it often time comes with a catch… a serious one. I say we get off the internet and start getting braver and meet men in public places. Won’t ever have to go thru that…

    1. “Thats why i could never do the whole online dating thing. Its too easy. And when something is too easy it often time comes with a catch… a serious one.”


      I am starting to believe that meeting dudes in public is better. You see what you are paying for.

  2. The 2nd point is sooo true. I can never understand how someone can claim to be DL/discreet with pics of their face big as cuff on the internet.

  3. Jamari, excellent post.
    I knew this Caribbean brother who traveled all the way to miami to meet a brother he had chatted with for months. The dude never showed up at the airport to get him so he called a buddy up north and kept flying.

    He showed me the pic it was a friend of mine!!! I called the friend and guess what?? the pic was stolen.

    But that begs the question…why would you travel to meet a person based on phone calls, texts and a pic? I thought that was pretty desperate.


    P.S. Keep up the good work Jamari

    1. Nice comment Immanuel.
      I believe it is all fear in being accepted. Alot of low self esteem runs on the internet. Stealing pictures allows you to escape from who you are, and become the image you would like to be.

      When the computer goes off, that person is still that person and is playing a dangerous game pretending to be someone else.

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