For someone who claimed the story was false….
For her Barbz and Kenz to tweet box anyone who smelled “bullshit”…
For my jump-off Wolf SB to say, “ya’ll shouldn’t believe anything the media tells you...


Don’t worry Nicki.
Your secret was safe with the Dallas 911 department…
…until it was sold to the highest bidder.

“Did you hear all of that?
“Yeah, I got it all on tape.”

Source: TMZ


We like you over here in the Foxhole, so I won’t go in on your fuck up too much.
As for my Foxes and Wolves out there, I will leave you with this:

Make sure your feet are clean when trying to escape lies…
because sooner or later, they may just end up in your mouth.


I know her stans are probably making voodoo Kens for Harvey at TMZ as you read.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “LOOK WHAT HE DID TO MY FACE!!!”

  1. Lil Kim told ya’ll this girl was bipolar. Nicki and her stank attitude had this coming for the longest

    1. she was dead ass cursing people out tho!!!!
      she should have just not spoke on anything.
      she called people stupid for believing the media ….

      …. until TMZ bought the receipts.
      bet she won’t make that mistake again lol

      1. But that’s the standard M.O. — deny, deny, deny, & lie until the proof shows up. Do people think there aren’t records anymore? This is the digital age…stuff stays around FOREVER.

        1. they are going thru a divorce.
          no excuse to what he did.
          we will find out why she got that hit so hard this monday.

          that show is full of messy females.
          makes me thankful I don’t have salmon in my pants and I keep my tracks covered.

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