The Best Sex Given To A Fox (3.)

Star Fox Concludes…

“What Daddy?!” I replied in anticipation….
“Imma stroke dat pussy real slow!” he then broke down every move, groove, and motion! “Now imma grind in dat boy pussy! Scrub dem walls baby!” he whispered as I felt the head of his dick run through me and leave no part untouched. “You ready for me to pump dat pussy?!” “Tell me you want daddy to pump dat pussy!”

….and I did just what he told me!…
I collected what was left of my energy to obey his commands of verbal feedback.
He had reached his 2nd climax, but the end had yet to come!
After what I thought was the best of the night, he said:

“Baby, let Daddy get 100 more strokes!”…

I waited not one second to tell him to take it… one by one! As he counted out every single stroke my body had entered a higher level of pleasure… taking me beyond my limits and allowing him to have me completely! I suddenly gasped and whispered…

“Daddy… Hit da last one real hard!”

95… 96… 97… 98… 99… We were almost there, the peak of Everest!
99 1/4… 99 1/2… 99 3/4…………………………………………………100!

I let out the loudest moan I was capable of releasing. The strokes came harder and stronger… making my legs shake so hard as they continued to rest around his neck! We had pasted the clouds, touched the stars, and waved goodbye to the sun as we continued to soar higher and higher! He slipped out once again and took a long make needed breathe. Once again, I thought we had reached the limits of untouched atmospheres… but not yet!!!!!!! By this point he had reach a total of 3 nutts, but there was still 1 left!

“Baby are you sore? You still want more?!” he kindly asked. “You want me to stop?” he asked…
“NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!” “Daddy I want more!” I moaned.

I wanted to end the night with not a drop of energy left. The final round had begun and I was worn out but my body craved whatever he had left to give. I wanted him to be satisfied beyond what his mind could imagine! After about 7 minutes of non-stop stroking, my body had reached an ultimate atmosphere on one could even dream!!! I was shaking, feeling chilling pulses run through my body as I grabbed his chest.

“Tell me what you want Baby!” he requested…
“Daddy… (moans)… I… (moans) want that nutt!!! Damn I want that nutt!” “I want you beat it up! Get it like you never have before! ” I screamed!

…finally, with my finger tips stretched out, toes folded, and head back, he released that last final explosion of orgasmic X! He then leaned forwarded and fell fast asleep with his gift still in box! lol

That was the best sexual experience of my life and I find it very hard…
almost impossible for anyone else to beat!



So This Is Where I Conclude…

“Hello?” I answered my phone next to my head, sleep already had me in a headlock
It was 230am.
I looked at my phone and was so thankful it was him.
I was so nervous and needed an explanation why he never called/texted to let me know he was okay.
I got to look out for my people!

“Hello?” a very dreary worn out of breath voice replied.
“Oh my God, are you ok?” I asked Star Fox, confused as to what was happening.
“Jamari… oh my God…”
“Are you okay?!?!” I fully awoke and sat up.

I will not lie to you, but the nigga sounded like he just got STABBED.
If you could have heard his voice ya’ll…

“Jamari, I’m laying on the floor of the bathroom…”
“Why??!! What happened???!!”
“That man… fucked me… so good…my legs are literally shaking….”


“I literally crawled into the bathroom…” he replied.
“Damn! He was that good? Was he fine?”
“YES!!! He looked like a football player!!! You should have seen his car…”

“Did you get his name?”
“Yeah but who knows if it is fake?”
“I am trying to get up to go smoke a cigarette but I have no energy…”
“DAMN! I want some dick like that…!”

Star Fox managed to get himself together and relay the same story to me as he smoked his cigarette on the balcony.
I sat on my bed in awe.
After he was done, he hung up and went to go rejoin this Stallion Wolf in bed.
I was so horny, I masturbated myself to sleep with dick like that on my mind.

Who would have known meeting someone online would lead to such pleasurable expectations?

Hope you enjoyed that true story.
And I hope all my Foxes experience some good pipe like that…
…if you haven’t already.

Shit maybe some of my ATL Foxes have fucked him already.
Let him for know for me:

Jamari wants a turn…


8 thoughts on “The Best Sex Given To A Fox (3.)

  1. #whoisjamarifox :
    what if it is curl your toes,
    explode in carnal passion type of sex?

    I still act indifferent. Now I may do a happy jig after I leave though. Lol

  2. Sex that good is dangerous, especially if they know they hittin it right. You’ll be driving 59 miles at 2a.m. wondering what the hell is wrong with you. lol

    Not speaking from experience though lmao

      1. That’s why I always act indifferent after sex. No gushing at all. All I say is “preciate it” . lmao…

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