Premium Meat of my Minute: Alexander Robinson


The lips, face, and voice alone got me stuck…

I love a Wolf who knows the value of….
Let’s just say a Fox like me would sit nicely on that bottom lip of his.


Meet Alexander Robinson.
Big, chocolate, and new meat drafted into the NFL.
Always something we like here in the Foxhole.

Alexander Robinson played for Iowa State as a running back
and is now playing in the NFL for the Minnesota Vikings.
He stands at a whopping 5’9.
A good height to be picked up and tossed around…

He joins a couple other members of my meat: Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson.
Looks like this year will have a lot of eye candy, huh?

We at the Foxhole will be watching you.

11 thoughts on “Premium Meat of my Minute: Alexander Robinson

  1. You do realize that all these ‘wolves’ you post – baller or otherwise – may just well be foxes or hybrids, right? Okay, just checking… 😉

    1. ^was there a Wolf/Hybrid/Fox census I missed?

      As much as u get off to the thought of fuckin them,
      i get off to the thought of getting fucked.
      that is the mystery in the unknown…
      may just surprise u.

      now… don’t spoil my fantasy and I won’t spoil yours.


  2. oh my he is rather dreamy. i especialy like a wolf that wear glasses plus the bod is on point. i give him a 8.7

  3. He’s next to perfection. For me, as someone on the shorter side of things, I’d like to find someone who’s closer to my height. I tend to find taller guys have a thing for me which I’m not necessarily complaining about. But the two of us standing next to each other holding hands would make a really cute couple =)

    More of him please!

  4. He’s my height, cute but looks approachable, and dark skinned. Just my type. I bet he has booty meat too!

  5. Nice bod, but I’ll pass on this one. I like um a lil taller. Actually alot taller…

  6. DSLs, nice body, got the sexy nerd-thang going on, and he’s kinda short, which means he’ll fit around my waist quite nicely? Guess I might be a Vikings fan this year…

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