Jamari Fox in Wonderland (Or Was That Bummer-Land?)

When you visit other worlds, it can be sort of a eye-opening experience.
I have experienced the STRAIGHT world time and time again.
It is nothing to be put in a position of seeing fine ass Wolves and knowing they are not looking at you…
…unless they are D/L and that is an adventure all on its own.

Last night, Star Fox and I went on another adventure.
We went in the inner depths of the gay world that I like to call Wonderland…

Star Fox and I attended a major event in the city that brought some of the finest Wolves and Vixens out.
It was wall to wall fine ass Wolves, but it was in STRAIGHT world so it was “LOOK BUT DON’T TOUCH“.
I had to ask myself, “Do these dudes live here?????”
Everyone was dressed so nice and was ready to mingle.
We were dressed nice ourselves,
got stares and glances,
but we were Foxes in straight Wolves world.
No bueno.
I didn’t feel sad or depressed because I knew it was a waste of time.

After the event ended, Star Fox and I decided to conduct an experiment.
We decided to go to a club in gay world and REALLY see what the difference was.
We went back to my crib, changed, and then ventured off to Wonderland…

Can I just add our cab driver to Wonderland was FINE?!?!
I got his number in case I needed a ride in the future…

When we got to the spot, Jackals and Hyenas were already peering us up and down when we got out the car.
Of course, the bouncers would be fine as hell.
It is like I can tell who is straight nowadays because of the swagger.
Gay Wolves and Straight Wolves have a different swagg to them.
Not that it is bad, but it is definitely a let down especially when you want a man to yoke you up and lay it on you.

When we got in, we both received many compliments on our colognes.
I had on Jean Paul Gaultier, while Star Fox had on a scent he would not tell me.
Either way, it had dudes up on us in the line.
When we got in, it seemed everyone turned and looked in our direction.
They looked at us like we were dinner and they haven’t eaten in 5 days.
Those looks came without touching or even approaching.
I felt like a Wolf in STRAIGHT world how I look at them.
We walked through and only one person caught my eye…
…and he was working as a bartender.
He also caught my eye because he was a stolen pic come to life.
I see his pictures all the time online and on different Hoodworld/Sexy N Kool type of sites.
Good to know he was actually in the lifestyle, BUT he knew everyone.
Every Jackal, Hyena, Wolf, and Fox was all on him; trying to get a piece.
He seemed very humble and spoke to everyone, which was good because I expected a stuck up attitude.
It was like he was a star in Wonderland.
He gracefully moved through the crowd when his shift was over and dudes were trying to eat him alive.
I didn’t bother to approach because I was sort of intimidated/turned off.

All the queens were dry humpin’ each other; all the D/L was wall huggin and looking for their next meal.
Dudes who I see on the train were in there either
showing their true colors or playing it safe and flirting with male strippers…
… yes, male strippers who were fine as hell, BUT you could only experience that fine for 20+ dollars.

Star Fox went out for a smoke break where I hugged the wall and observed some of the mating calls of Wonderland.

“I told that muthafucka I was going here and he gonna go to Harlem” a larger than life tranny said.
“I want to fuck shorty tonight!” a lesbian cried.
“If niggas hit my BMW, I would be fuckin’ niggas UP… when I buy it in my future…” this drunk gay giraffe screamed…

I wasn’t uncomfortable; just in awe at this underworld I never take part in.
It was like I fell into the bottom of the barrel and was floating slowly all the way down.
I did speak to some dude out there, wasn’t attracted to him, but he started speaking to me.
His buff bodied sandal wearing Jackal stomped over with the MEANEST attitude trying to make sure I knew this was his.


Uh, calm the FUCK down nigga.

One thing I noticed with Wonderland and STRAIGHT WORLD clubs is dress code.
Wonderland harbored a majority of BUMS!
At least in STRAIGHT world, they have to put effort into presentation or you aren’t getting in.
Star Fox and I put effort in our presentation, which is why BUMS were going in how good we smelled and dressed.
They aren’t use to that.

When we got back in, I found a seat at the bar and I just observed.
I could not tell who was a  Fox and who was a Wolf.
When I thought some dude was a Wolf, he was bent over being humped by what I thought was a Fox.
It was very confusing for my Foxy mind at that point.
Wonderland is very clique-like and if you aren’t part of the clique… you are an outcast.
Saw a few middle aged Snow Rabbits were in there, but they were obviously being used for money purposes.
Hyenas and Jackals can always sniff out the next person to pay their cellphone bills or a free drink at the bar.
Wonderland harbored a lot of regulars who knew all the half-naked bartenders, money hungry strippers, and the security guards.
I DEFINITELY did not fit in with Wonderland and I am sure I gave the impression of “stuck up“.
Ask me if I care?
None of them were on my level, no “Wolf” caught my eye, and you could just tell by the scene this wasn’t “me“.
I like to think my Foxes and Wolves are on a different plateau than what I saw in there.

“READY TO GO WHEN U R!!” Star Fox texted.

Receiving that text felt like I was spared the death penalty right before the switch was thrown.
We made one last go round in the diminishing crowd before we left Wonderland.

“EXCUSE ME!” I heard a scream in my ear, definitely laced with attitude.

I turned around to see who this was and I was face to face with some fat Cherise cat, who changed his tune QUICK.

“OOOOH YOU ARE GORGEOUS!” He said out loud,
running his fat hands up and down my body,
“Mmm mm mm, yes honey!”

He gave it a smack and disappeared over to the bar.

I looked at Star Fox, smiled, and we left that world.
We took the long way through the bright lights; big city at 4am never to return again.
Funny that another Wonderland was letting out and we were the object of attention.
This time, this crowd looked a lot more fashionable and one Wolf definitely wanted my attention.
So much so, he was showing off trying to get my attention and took off his shirt.
He was cute and definitely was my type.
I wanted to ask him where he got his sneakers (because they were FLY), but he was with a group.
I learned in Wonderland that you do not know WHO is the Hyena or Jackal in the clique being fucked.
They do not take too kindly to a Fox crossing their territory.
Plus, I like my Wolf to be a lot more low key and his friends can be a distraction.

I hope one day to find a place where STRAIGHT meets WONDERLAND.


14 thoughts on “Jamari Fox in Wonderland (Or Was That Bummer-Land?)

  1. I see some things never change…smh. I just used to go to the DJ spots where it was about the music, cuz I went out to dance & chill w/my friends. I’m more about lounges now…

  2. Yeah…I’ve also heard the NYC club scene sucks for US. It’s disheartening to be in such a big city and you can’t find where you fit! I hope that if you look hard enough, you’ll find exactly what you need!

  3. I’m the type that likes the whole atmosphere of a good club.

    People dressed to impress.
    Liquor flowing.
    People dancing.
    Crowded enough to be hype, but still enough room to move around.

    I couldn’t even imagine myself in a club with just men. I actually enjoy seeing women in a club just as much, if not more than men.

    I like scanning them from head to toe and putting them in the “bad bitch” or the “This was the best you could do?” categories. lol

    I guess it depends on what you’re going to the club for. I only go to have a good time.

    Not interested in finding “the one”.
    Not interested in collecting or distributing phone numbers.
    Not interested in hooking up.

  4. i wonder if this was a “secret” location 😉 gay clubs are lame. there are no men in there like us. no surprise you were hot pussy. we’re too low key to be in there and so are the guys we want to be with. i always tell myself why would I go to the gay club; the men i want are not in there. i can listen to music at a straight club.

      1. haha yea. ive felt your pain.never again. you know already that house parties and invite only are where its at.

  5. Damn I would assume NY would have plenty of good night life in general because it seems so BIG!

  6. I hear the NY scene isn’t all that great actually. The clubs are few and everyone is a ballroom kid so Voguing reigns supreme. I had no idea honestly. I also heard the white gurls run shyt too. I’m so used to ATL that i sort didn’t realize the scene can be late in other metropolitan cities. Your experience is interesting.

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