f0x Asks… (2)



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  1. -Bad attitudes
    -self-absorbed men
    -loud, obnoxious men
    -men that are ALWAYS hypersexual (there’s a time and a place for everything)
    -Out men that look down on closeted men, especially when they are twice as whorish as any D.L. men…just out in the open.
    -superficial men
    -gay/bi men that live up to every stereotype
    -flat asses
    -men with bad hygiene
    -men who gossip
    -bottoms that don’t even acknowledge their penises

    Turn Ons:
    -Aggressive, go-getter types
    -Dudes that can teach me something
    -Insightful men
    -A dude with a nice ass that doesn’t flaunt it
    -altruistic men
    -goofy dudes
    -men that cook
    -affectionate dudes
    -dudes with quiet confidence
    -Men with both masc and fem qualities (he’s athletic and a pretty boy)
    -empathetic guys
    -sharp tongue

  2. What turns me off? Liars. Flakes. Passive-aggressive men. Fems. Turns me on? Comfidence. Men who are in shape. And intelligent informed men.

  3. Things that turn me off:
    – Fat men
    – Submissive men
    – DL men
    – Non-committal men
    – Men who are assholes
    – Bad breath
    – Liars
    – Bisexual men
    – Men who have children
    – Thin men
    – Bad attitudes
    – Men on the foxier-side of things
    – Whores
    – Men who think they’re discreet when they got more cunt than a women’s locker room
    – Men who don’t mean what they say
    – Flakes
    – Petty men
    – Men who don’t take the initiative
    – Men who will string you along and will not let you know where you stand
    – Lazy men
    – Attention whores
    – Low self-esteem
    – Men who take naked pictures and post them on social networking sites talkin’ ’bout “take me seriously”
    – Workaholics

    … I’ll think of more later…

  4. intelligence (smarts) = power
    a man in fitted suits
    smooth, clear dark clean
    ochocinco type body–lean but muscular
    great teeth/smile
    well read
    self-awareness/awareness of the world we live in
    manicured hands
    well behaved
    enjoys animals/kids
    sense of humor/adventure
    financial smarts (even if he still living paycheck to paycheck)
    tall 6′-6’3″
    goals: 1year, 5 years, 10 year, etc
    plays an instrument/speaks a second language
    can switch between ghetto + proper seamlessly
    natural romantic
    big lips
    no earrings
    strategic fully-thought-through tattoos
    fashionable but not trendy
    wears no cologne
    works outside the fashion and/or entertainment business, unless a lawyer, executive, etc
    out to his momma (even if in to the rest of the world)
    owns a passport
    enjoys dominican food/culture

      1. i focus on the turn-ons Jamari because as understanding and compromising as I am all it takes is one thing to turn me off. and it is usually something i never imagined would bother me.

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