The Tweet That Should Have Been Discreet

I love discreet Wolves.
I love Twitter.
I love male celebs.
I love male celebs who secretly want a Fox for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? 

What does this all have in common?

Maybe Lance Gross was doing some “pre-gaming” before heading to Vault Club, because the model/actor accidentally tweeted his cell phone number to his 97,800+ followers. He quickly deleted it and tweeted “F*ck” in reaction to his message that should’ve been a DM, but retweets had already taken place and his number is floating around on everybodies timeline. I just wanna know who was this number intended for? Hmm…

Source: Backlash 


We need to talk.
And THAT is all that needs to be tweeted….

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17 thoughts on “The Tweet That Should Have Been Discreet”

  1. I just CRINGED. Wow that hurts my heart hahahaha huge mistake. And how do you spin that one? “I’m discreet with the women I date” really? ouch. smh.

    1. ^^if he tried to tweet from the iPhone,
      he may have forgot to press DIRECT MESSAGE.

      he could twist it and say he was tweeting some female while trying to cheat on his girl.
      that works, right?

      1. absolutely not. guys have no reason to be discreet with women mow do they. even if he was cheating a straight man wouldnt say that word. do straight men know what that even means? kidding.

  2. Betcha that number gets changed quickly! lolol

    I wonder if this was a (the) reason behind his engagement to Eva ending? Cuz discreet is not a word used commonly w/women…hmmmm

    1. i was trying to ask myself if i ever heard dudes say they are discreet with females…
      came up empty.

      he would be a great addiction to the Foxhole Wolfie.
      I think he is a Wolf tho..

      1. No secret in atlanta …. now might have Tyler alittle pissed since he lives in a Tyler owned condo when in atlanta ……

      2. smh at right tellin all that mans business. thats the very reason hes super discreet. cause gays always tryna tell somebody else what they know about the next one. do better.

  3. LOL!!! The only reason to use that word discreet is if you are down with us on the low or if you’re trickin with a client or prostitute. How are his coins? Its a recession, people gotta stay afloat.

      1. Oh, I think he’s learned by now. First Terrell and now Lance. Miss Tyler needs to teach her boys how to properly handle their business like her…she is not happy

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