Nic Harris Is A Real Man

… and boy is he?


I like brawn with a lot of brains.
Something nice to look at AND talk too.
Educate me on something.
Showing off your money is so 2000 and late.

Always impressed in the Foxhole when it comes to Nic.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Nic Harris Is A Real Man”

  1. It took me a second to figure out what the campaign was about. Domestic sex trafficking is something i feel we as a country don’t really pay attention to. Its nice to see Demi and Ashton putting a spotlight on it.

    Now on to the subject at hand.

    THAT. Right there. Is PURE HUSBAND MATERIAL. I would be at every home game. Every practice. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner READY. Get his bath going. Take his shoes off. Xbox live loaded up on the flat screen. There would be no end to my appreciation for him. He’s everything on the outside i could ever ask for. That body, that smile, those skin, those tattoos, that swag. It makes no kind of sense for a man to be that gorgeous. Plus, from what I’ve seen, he comes across like a genuinely nice person. And he’s only 24!!! A version of him for myself would be nice…

  2. 1. Real men pay their child support which is something he has had issues dealin with in the past, less us not forget. I just hope the campaign proceeds will go to making sure he takes care of his seeds. :)~

    2. Nic is no doubt ALL DAT and a bag of milk chocolate drops! And the Dick dept is on the 10th flo!

    This pics right heya gets me right on togetha! DADDY ALL MOFU DAY!!!*6BsuOFsmMjNSOgZhN47YHIp6hjsTmHh8sSTo/nic2.jpeg*xAnxnLmxfUrrDGNPAawtOigTRDF5rC2jKc5sa6WdouQPL0ysWxk4AOcbdeP0yWjsc/nic.jpg

  3. My my he is a keeper I remember seein him at a function last year and I was in love then. Praise God Football season starts in 2 days

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