Omarion Puts His Tweet In His Ass

Maybe he can fold himself up in those cakes of his until this blows over…

O-Cakey said on Twitter:

“I don’t believe in Lesbians…
they change around me…
even if they just want to sample…
I can be the ‘example’”

… and then erased the tweet.
The town villagers called Lesbians he offended are still burning torches for his ass on Twitter.

Less tweets from O Cakes and more of this:


… yup.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Omarion Puts His Tweet In His Ass”

  1. I guess this is what it takes to remain relevant, he should release some nude pics or one the sex tapes he had with Bow Wow, talk about a lesbian video. Never seen that first pic when he was playing in Beyonce Yaki Wig Box. I am going to borrow a few tags from one of my favorite blogs Crunk and Disorderly for this fuckery!!!

    Tags: Thanks for Breaking It Down; When all Else Fails do some Ho Shit; Girl Bye

  2. I liked him better with the lil weight he put on. But I still beat the breakes off dem cakes. Gid knows he’s been penetrated more times than one of this pin cushion tomatoes

  3. Some people just don’t need to tweet their thoughts…especially when you tryna be hetero-sexy…

    But I would f*ck the HAYAL outta that azz!

    S/N: I get having male dancers with you…but shirtless male dancers?! Alrighty then…

  4. Oh and as far as what he said…He was trying to be cute and sexual and it came off wrong. I saw one Blogger in particular who is a lez or atleast bi and a former porn star went in on him pretty hard. He was getting pounded (hehe) pretty good by Lesbians on twitter as you stated. It’s amazing how many times he was called a fag…Go figure…gay on gay crime….Whatever…I don’t try to understand my people as in Black folk, and I dnt try to understand the gays…shits too complicated…

  5. omarion off the red carpet is marriage material…he has such a cute face and i would have such pleasure pounding that ass of his into submission.

  6. Never really paid this dude much mind but I really like the first pic…I like him with hair…Reminds me of myself before the male pattern baldness took over 🙁

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