sometimes, you just gotta turn yourself “off”…

I walked out from my bedroom into my living room and the writing was on the wall.
no seriously,
Mi had taken a permanent marker and written nasty messages all over my walls.
How she got into my apartment was a mystery to me.
I know she gave back all her keys to me,
but did she make a spare?

I felt extremely horny for him.
I haven’t thought about him in quite a while.
Ever since he left me alone to tend to his relationship,
I decided it was best for me to move on.
For whatever reason,
the thought of him woke me up outta my sleep.
I felt this strong sexual energy take over me that I could not ignore.
At 430am,
I’m jacking myself off stupid with thoughts of him inside me.

i did not sleep last night.
i was having nightmares and filled with anxiety.
before i went to bed,
i was reading arguments about the jab from both sides.
i was wrapped up in natural happiness i never felt before a few weeks ago.
i had to wake up early to call unemployment today,
but of course,
i got the runaround and drop from them.
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the devil wants to turn us off

something is off.
i don’t know if you feel it,
but the energy has been pretty weird these last few days.
excluding myself,
it seems like everyone i know is dealing with something

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I’m Not A Bad Person

my main goal is to find the happiness i had a few week’s ago.
i was in such a good place.
i was in this state of bliss that i couldn’t explain.
when i woke up in the morning,
i had tons of energy.
it was like…
i was having great sex with someone i’m sexually attracted to.
i was horny about everything.
i was finally in a good place.
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I Get Mad (I’ll Chop Your D*ck Off)

largewhat a way to go.
“stuck and left naked with a chopped off penis”.
the remix from that lil’ kim song.
it just sounds like a slow and painful death.
well a f-bi sent me what happened in new yawk,
up in the bx,
over the weekend.
a hooker jackal decided the best way to end a situation was…
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My Off Switch is Located Under My Fox Tail

tumblr_m425mvmxpo1rqee86o1_500i need to learn to shut off my emotions…
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Help Mi

giphythe most devastating thing has happened to mi today.
please keep her in your prayers.
this is what happened…
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