I Get Mad (I’ll Chop Your D*ck Off)

largewhat a way to go.
“stuck and left naked with a chopped off penis”.
the remix from that lil’ kim song.
it just sounds like a slow and painful death.
well a f-bi sent me what happened in new yawk,
up in the bx,
over the weekend.
a hooker jackal decided the best way to end a situation was…

A homeless gigolo chopped off a 68-year-old Bronx man’s penis and left him to bleed out and die Saturday night, police sources said.

A neighbor found the victim lying on his side in a bathtub on Sheridan Ave. in Claremont about 8:30 p.m., according to cops.

Cops nabbed Jerry Pagan, 32, believed to be a prostitute who has had sex with the victim in the past, near the scene.

Police believe Pagan chopped off the victim’s penis during a spat over an unpaid debt.

The suspect told detectives that he snipped the man’s genitals with scissors — though cops also found several knives out in the kitchen.

Pagan also told cops that he wanted to “eat the penis,” police sources added.

Police said Pagan faces one count of murder in the gruesome slaying. 


that must have been a good pipe that he wanted to eat it.
too soon?
i wonder if those knew the victim was keeping company of whores?
gay ones,
at that?
that may be a surprise to everyone once his name is released.
rip to the victim.

lowkey: was he naked as they happened?
was this after sex and the wolf was knocked out?
i have questions.

article taken: ny daily news

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  1. Well that goes to show you a person will smash anything nowadays, that dude look like Beetle Juice

  2. Sorry i can’t stop laughing at that story, this is so ridiculous. I know im’ not a good person, i’m deeply sorry, RIP old man.

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