The Out Of Country Wolf Who Is A Card Carrying PHD

tumblr_ohjmzypmbc1vubexeo1_1280so the foxhole been sending me updates about ^this wolf.
he is the wolf from this ( x thanksgiving entry ).
well he goes by king vincene and he resides in the uk.
a foxholer sent me this to match that entry and well…


i’m upset it had to be a link…


…but do you see that meat he is smuggling?
he strikes me as the type to have a “gold” membership at a sex club.
he gives off that vibe along with “milan christopher“.
i could be wrong.

lowkey: his complexion is delicious.

video and pictures credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “The Out Of Country Wolf Who Is A Card Carrying PHD”

  1. Nice but i’m mad i’d to dl it. if i have to dl something i expect it to be really nasty, or at least actually see the dick, not a dick print lmao

  2. This guy is absolutely stunning. His skin is rich chicolate. really in my opinion one of the best looking guys I’ve seen in a while.

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