FACIAL: (46)


i love that we can capture beauty from our phones.
from landscapes to our food,
we have all become mini photographers.
well someone captured this facial

that smile>>>
the nose>>>
those dimples>>>
the way he licked his finger>>>


he is beautiful to me.
can i see more?

lowkey: i am attracted to wolves who resemble him.
he looks like a wolf i went to school with i thought was gorgeous.
ironically he played ball.
or is that not so ironic?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “FACIAL: (46)

  1. He is beautiful! He lowkey looks like Stevie Baggs #bae 😍
    Question: is that his homeboy or his boo taping him? Like why are you taping your homeboy on some stalker non-comedic tip? I think they fucking #goals

  2. His face is perfect, he’s so cute. I love when a man has a beautiful smile, because no matter how upset you can be, when he smiles you just smile back. Jamari you do love your ballers lol, that’s a pattern

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