the devil wants to turn us off

something is off.
i don’t know if you feel it,
but the energy has been pretty weird these last few days.
excluding myself,
it seems like everyone i know is dealing with something

– having insane relationship issues
– having major shakeups in finance or living
health/mental health issues

….or if you’re like me,
lost employment and having to look for a new adventure.
the issue is feeling depressed and filled with anxiety.
i started watching a web series called “giants”,
thanks to an amazing foxholer,
and this scene is exactly how i feel:


i think the name of this chapter for us is:

“It’s time for a new adventure.”

the universe might be creating a shift to get us all together.
when i look at myself,
and those around me that’s going through,
it seems like we need to find ourselves on another path.

– those relationships really were shit and need to end
– it’s time for new places to live or new ways to make money
– time to stop destructive habits that are fuckin’ up our health

tough times don’t last forever,
but they do help create warriors in these forests.
this week might be a gigantic dookie,
but it might be time to take a step back.
you just don’t have the energy to do anything.
shit is going wrong and you feel trapped.
when i start feeling like this,
i usually feel overwhelmed in depression,
but i get this insane urgency to plot and strategize.
when that happens,
i try to raise my vibration and to attract positive outcomes.

It’s time to take a day(s) to step back and refocus

tell everyone you’re taking a mental break until monday.
right now,
i feel drained and without purpose.
i can’t be productive when i feel like total shit.
unless something pops for a job/career prospect,
or i get a surprise dick appointment,
i’m gonna do some self-care these next few days.

i need to get back to feeling like me.

I think you should do the same as well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “the devil wants to turn us off”

  1. I understand and I am trying to pass my test to be a therapist and I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I keep missing it by two points I’m just going to keep going at it until I am finish. No other way and the same for you J

  2. Surprise D appointments? No such thing as surprise D. He was horny or got canceled on. Have to put yourself out there to get booked.

  3. Wow I thought it was just me feeling like something is off in the Universe. I had a near death experience a couple of weeks ago when I missed being in a serious car crash by literally seconds. It took me 3 days to get behind the wheel again. I look on Facebook to see a few people I know who passed away suddenly, I am so over my job that I cant focus even a tiny bit to give any Fukks, Im running short on cash and debt is piling up. Through all of this, I feel a ray of light or sunshine for some odd reason like something really good is going to happen. I keep getting little unexpected financial blessings, so I am hoping that a real big one will come my way and I am hoping that I can find a position that pays more money. I am going to start thinking of all my blessings even in the midst of all this weirdness and anxiety.

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