are you gonna see “it 2”? (peep this trailer)

it” was interesting.
i thought it was more of a dark comedy than anything.
this scene did jump scare TF outta me:

the whole theater screamed their heads off.
the trailer for “it 2” just got released and well…

why did she even want to drink anything from her crib?
there were 5 big ass flies on that window.
i would’ve never picked up that cup off the table.
besides all that:

I’m shooketh

am i shook over the potential “scary” or just how lit the trailer is?
this is plot according to “warner bros” and “new line cinema”:

Twenty-seven years after the events of the summer of 1989, It returns. The Losers’ Club fulfill their promises and return to Derry to put an end to the evil being once and for all. Unbeknownst to them, It has returned, stronger and crueler than ever.

it stars:

Jessica Chastain – Beverly
James McAvoy – Bill
Bill Hader – Richie
Jay Ryan – Ben
Isaiah Mustafa – Mike
James Ransone – Eddie
Andy Bean – Stanley
Bill Skarsgård – It

…and the younger cast reprsing their roles from the first.
isaiah went from “old spice” to working with the “a” list.
look at God.
it 2” hits theaters on sept 9. 2019.

9 thoughts on “are you gonna see “it 2”? (peep this trailer)

  1. Isaiah doesn’t like Black men or women. That’s how to get ahead in Hollywood. I’ll go if nothing better comes out.

  2. SO Geeked for this!! Watched It on the first day of its release 2 years ago, cant wait for this! I feel like a big kid whenever I watch this movie.

    Y’all cant keep End Game lol, this is my ish!

  3. I thought it was rather silly movie. Though the projector scene was interesting, the rest of the film was hardly scary. I think I’m biased since I’ve seen the original & I’ve learned that Hollywood is just a bunch of remakes all over again.

    The actual book was something else tho. There are things in the book they wouldn’t dare show in the movie (such as the orgy scene).

    Seems like now we are in this Goonies era once again…where they get a bunch of kids and throw them into situations. Stranger Things, Rim of the Earth..etc

    It’s either that or a Marvel movie.

    Same plot, different cast, major characters are mostly white…meh.

    Jordan Peele is okay but he’s too political, and the hoteps eat that up regardless since he has an all black cast.

    Ya know what I wish. You could write your own story Jamari, have a series made on YouTube and maybe be like Issa & get put on HBO…wait where is Season III of Insecure? Oh delayed.

    Will we get another Moonlight? Or maybe we can call it Foxlight?

    I’m in a dry mood atm. I skipped work, bored and I’m about to order a pizza before the storm comes. Wish it was Friday tho.

    Will I go see IT2… Maybe.

    I’ve read the books and stuff, (just like Pet Semetery) so I may go to see how different it will be.

    My friend is scared of clowns. It’s insane. It’s a legit phobia.

    1. ^i thought it was definitely like stranger things,
      but with a clown.
      the guy from stranger things is in it!

      being able to produce a series is on my bucket list of things to do.
      i have so many ideas i’d love to do.
      once i’m connected to the right people,
      i can execute these dreams i have!

      1. I agree. I just wish there was a market for shows like Noah Arc or a bit/gay version of Insecure. Our best shot is to aim for Netflix.

    2. I agree with your first comment. The movie was more comical/humorous than scary.

  4. Thanks for posting this, I definitely would have overlooked it. Im excited! For this movie and Maleficent 2…2 good movies back to back, 1 in September and the other in October! Just waiting for the Maleficent 2 trailer to come out!

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