obj is scraight

so obj might have gotten tired of ya’ll’s whispers.
you know,
about that kilt situation at the “met gala”.
some of ya’ll went full slander on his sexuality with that one.
he might have addressed the criticism on ig today…

i think that was a double entendre.

1 – scraight = my sexuality
2 – scraight = i don’t need your concern over what i do

one thing i love about obj is he is a wolf of mystery.
we may never know what he truly does bts.
he is very vague in his responses.
you gonna like it or you won’t.
the fucks are nonexistent.
i stan.

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19 thoughts on “obj is scraight

  1. Funny how ya’ll assume its only black men talking about him, the white men don’t really like OBJ either.

    Football is the most masculine macho game of all and so are the fans no matter what race.

    I think a lot of black lgbt people look for opportunities to bash black people as if these red neck white folk are soooo much more refined and accepting lol.

    1. This. I always see comments critiquing his dress sense from non-black pseudo-macho football fans ALL the time.

  2. As someone on here pointed out, not only African men but men from other parts of the world wear skirts and dress-like garments. Male clothing is always evolving, like fashion in general, and masculinity too. Even forms of gender expression have changed over time. Odell Beckham Jr. should feel free to be whoever he wants to be. We all should, though the reality is often pretty challenging.

    I also love “scraight”–it’s both of the meanings Jamari Fox said, with “aight” also baked into the word too. The bruh is cute and clever!

  3. In other words…”ill fuck any hole I want and if something ends up in mine ..fuck you”

  4. Not a fan of OBJ but seriously only some backward Americans and some backward pleblicites in the West are talking about Men wearing Kilts. WTF? Men have been wearing kilts for centuries. Europe is so fashion forward as opposed to America 😡😡😡😡😡

  5. e·nig·ma
    a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand.

    I am here for it. Keep em guessing OBJ.

    1. that’s what make him sexy too me.

      people feel that they need to know everything about an individual.

      I am Enigma in my personal life myself.

  6. Low-key….they all want/want to be him.

    I just want him to ride me to old town road til he can’t no mo.

  7. I wish people would leave him alone, & I bet its majority black men. Theres no hope for the future!

    1. nah I saw a lot of females too you know they can’t stand the thought of one of us having one of “theirs” you can’t even tell fish yo business bout trade before they go off about how he’s scraight

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