Help Mi

giphythe most devastating thing has happened to mi today.
please keep her in your prayers.
this is what happened…

her phone is off.

tumblr_l9dhjs3vOe1qcff2to1_500i know.
the horror.
the horrrrrrroor!

so that means no more snapchats,
following the kardashians and rihanna on instagram,
and worst of all…


one mo gin:

she found out that her bill is 164 dollars past due.
this was after she was “take it hard” someone from french montana crew got killed.
well she got a message that if she doesn’t pay the bill today,
it will be sent to collections.
how that happened i don’t even know.
between juggling to pay rent this month,
and other bills she has,
her job simply does not pay her enough.
so in other words:

she broke

as i watched her beg her phone company to turn it on,
a part of me wanted to help her.
i was going to pay the 64 dollars,
64 dollars i don’t really have anyway,
that she needed to help keep to on.

see thats that side of me i need to kill with fire.
that side that always wants to help people when they are down.
i was there where she is today.
i’m still kinda there actually,
but i had to learn to budget.
i also didn’t have anyone to help me when times were tough.
my baller wolf who would drop the funds in my account hasn’t popped up yet.

i decided that mi needs to learn the same.
i can’t always rescue her when she falls each time.
she has to learn to be without sometimes.
it will teach her how to use her brain and learn survival.
its time for her to start looking for another job.
her season is at the bottom of her mountain and starting the climb.
i know she will be ready.
for right now tho,
she is in the living room:Snow-Whitesomeone bring her some ice cream.
its gonna be a tough start of the season for her.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Help Mi”

  1. I totally feel that situation.
    I just started a new job and I’m not getting paid enough either.
    I’m lucky because I still get a little help, but I’m used to handling “my own” so I will be in an interview soon for a second job!
    Plus I need that foxy lifestyle, ive never had enough money so its high time i get what I need.
    Its tough outchea!

    1. I just started my new gig and my first paycheck over covered a week.

      When I tell you I was barely able to cover all my bills and credit paymentd by some cents lol.

      I can’t even be salty because I’m grateful I can do that. Just gotta learn to save and budget and keep my credit excellent and somehow be able to treat myself lol

      1. I’m in a similar situation! I’m trying to get my credit down and finally be in control of what’s going on. No more excuses. I feel you about the bills. The job I have now just barely covers my bills lol. That’s why I’m looking for a second.
        and I need to treat myself too or I get irritated after a while lol.
        At the end of the day, at least we’re working and surviving right? I hope this job is better for you than the last one JAY. Good luck man!

  2. A cell phone just really isn’t a necessity though. If it is you just have to budget to maintain or go prepaid.

    Hopefully it won’t mess with her credit though.

  3. She’ll be alright. Find some wifi and tap into it. Download a texting/call app. Or get a little burner. And sometimes, having it cut off is good. You gotta be gone for them to miss you.

      1. $18.99 tax included…unlimited talk, text, 500 mb of data on 4g…once data is used it switches over to unlimited 2g…this is the cheapest plan

  4. One cheap mobile phone service is metropcs. It can be gotten for $35 or so a month. Why does she have the high-prices spread when apparently she can’t afford it?

  5. Damn that is tough, but she will be ok without those wolves etc. Her job is the most important focus.

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