what is happening in flordia?
nice beaches,
great weather,
sexy males,
and a shit ton of idiots.
to think,
i was supposed to live there.
my God said “NOPE”.
i feel like it’s an alternate dimension down there.
i see why bugs bunny decided to cut that shit off:

he was way ahead of his time.
florida doesn’t want ya’ll saying the word “gay” down there.
“don’t say gay” is the latest bill and desantis might be backing it…

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the asian community got their anti-hate bill passed faster than black folks ever got

black folks are so loved and appreciated in this country!
we always get fair and equal treatment along with the other minorities.
imagine how amazing it feels to drive and walk the streets without being hunted like animals.

Is there a bill for anti-black crimes within the United States?

because they passed this bill for anti-asian hate today…

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transgenders might be no more pretty soon

scary alleged news for transgenders?
does “make america great again” really means “to be hateful af”?
which is why i feel sorry for the blacks and gays who are “pro trump”.
they really don’t know what fire they’re really stepping into.
i always equate it to those folks on the roof in “independence day”:

so the trump administration is allegedly planning on obliterating transgenders.
that means the word “transgender” won’t exist anymore if they pass this bill.
it will all go by your sex at birth.
this is the story from “the new york times”
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so my sunday is a whirlwind of diarrhea (how’s yours beloved?)

everything is going to shit on this sunday.
i’m tryin not to put that energy out there,
but it’s been one thing after another.
 i figured i’d vent about it to clear my mind…

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The Devil Makes A Billable Appearance

the devil wants to really bring me down.
i have a moment where things are calm,
but then all hell breaks loose.
so i wanted to get a physical to make sure i was good.
the last job i was at told me i was covered until the end of the month.
well i get a letter just now from the lab work…
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Help Mi

giphythe most devastating thing has happened to mi today.
please keep her in your prayers.
this is what happened…
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